Monday, June 11, 2012

Itineraries Change

How was your weekend? What did you do? No, I didn't make this big mess, I made it worse, and then spent the afternoon cleaning it up. The pool is not huge but it makes a great wash basin for dirty toys and lawn chairs after the kids go home. When it was emptied the lawn got a much needed 'drink'.

On my itinerary for Saturday morning was attending the garden fair at a local town. I had never been able to go and decided since summer is so short I want to do as many outdoor activities as I can. It wasn't nearly as big as the one I was at in the botanical garden but there still was a lot to see. I had a busy day planned so I was out of the house 'earlyish'. I looked, took photos, ate, bought a couple of things and, was on my way home in time to pick up my grandsons for Wacky Weekend. I usually take the boys there once a month to make an art project. We didn't go last month and they were very disappointed.

beer can wind chimes, doesn't everyone need one of these?
imaginative uses for old tools
Thank goodness this garden table was sold, I really loved it. I admire people who can take something old and see something new in it. Recycling at it's best!!!

no need to clean up the old sewing machine treadle for this project

nothing new here, but still adorable

art painted onto old windows
Saturday was a perfect warm summer day. My SIL was bored and her son wouldn't leave the house unless he could play with my grandsons. I invited them over to play in the pool and have a squirt gun fight. The photo below is a peaceful moment among them. The 2 cousins on the right often have disagreements :-(  Michele and I just wanna strangle them sometimes. We give it about 10 minutes and then they are back to being friends. The boys can't help it....they get their stubborn genes from their dads.

relaxing with treats

About 4pm the boys wanted to go to the beach (not on my original itinerary) so we packed up our stuff and off we went. It's a 5 minute drive so not a big undertaking. It was chilly there. It was a breezy day, but not noticeably cooler unless you were on Lake Michigan (aka the beach). There was digging of  holes, laughter, and arguing......par for the course. The boys had a good day though. On the way home we picked up subs for dinner, that hit the spot!

making chalk paint
My grandsons spent the night on saturday. S remembered the chalk paint my granddaughter invented and he wanted to make some, so I gave them the proper kitchen utensils and they made a couple of batches. Grandson S painted a sign on the driveway for us. :-)

"I love you guys. love, Skylar" (the heart is the 'e' in love)

Cleaning out the shed (where the outdoor toys are kept) was not on my itinerary but that's what I did after our grandsons were picked up. I posted several things online for sale and a few things got tossed. I found the slip n' slide that the boys remembered but I had forgotten about. I sat on the deck and read for a while (that is always on my itinerary). Later hubby and I took the convertible (the long way) to the grocery store to get steaks for dinner. Grilled steaks and baked potatoes.....YUM! Hubby know I hate to cook on summer weekends, especially when I am busy with other stuff.

the glass plate flower I purchased
Today I have groceries to buy, plants to plant, cards to stamp, laundry to fold. Will any of that itinerary change? I hope not.

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  1. Yes, cleaning up after the grandkids can be a challenge. I would say you have done well with little guys who don't always get along. And, yeah for hubby, for cooking.