Saturday, June 16, 2012

Great Customer Service From Piggly Wiggly

OK, it's saturday, the day before I am having a small cookout with some of the family, so why am I posting on my blog??? I have food to make, cleaning to do, the ever popular laundry. etc. It's an addiction, an addiction, I tell you! I wanted to tell you about some great customer service I received from the Piggly Wiggly food store in WI. I believe they are a small chain of grocery stores in this part of the country. It pays to shop locally!
my little garden: kohlrabi, carrots, tomatoes, & radishes

Last Thursday I stopped to fill my car with gas and use up my 'pig points' (one earns points for buying certain items and those points can be used as cents off gasoline). The gas tank was empty and I had a $50 gift card and .22 off a gallon of gas....woo hoo! I put my card into the designated slot and learned I had only $6.85 remaining......and I could not finish my transaction with a different credit I only got less than 2 gallons of gas. *insert sad face* The attendant inside could not help me so I just left....not very happy....then I stopped at the Piggly Wiggly store (which is on my way home). I explained the situation (nicely) to the manager and he said I'd be able to get my points reinstated.
don't you just love, love, love the colorful kiwi succulent in the center? I do.
Yesterday I received a phone call from the 'head' store telling me that my points were reinstated. This morning I stopped to pick up some things from the store and, sure enough, my points were back where I wanted them. *insert smiley face*

Happy Father's Day weekend to my friends in the US. Hubby has to work but I am still having a cookout. Our son in law is going to do the grilling *smile* and we'll save some food for hubby. So that means I have to get off the computer and get busy and pray for sunshine tomorrow so the kids can play outside.


  1. Save a kohlrabi for your bff!

  2. Glad you got your points back. We get points toward gas at the grocery store we got to. We filled up the car today and got 80 cents off per gallon! I thought that was great! We got double points this last time is why it was such a good deal. But it's normally 30-60 cents off per gallon which is still good. Hope you have a nice cookout and nice weather.

  3. It is amazing to find good, responsive customer service these days. Have a happy cookout.