Monday, June 18, 2012

After The Weekend

our youngest grandaughter and her mom don party hats in anticipation of Lucy's birthday    (Lucy is the imaginary friend of M's, Lucy had no hands)
Everyone who was sitting around the picnic table yesterday had to put on the party hat and have a picture taken with Mackenzie.

Our Father's Day cookout went off with out a hitch. Saturday we had some rain but Sunday morning we awoke to beautiful sunny skies. I got the pool out and filled it up. My grandsons (who spent the night on saturday) brought out a bunch of pool toys and and things for the younger children to play with. (NOT my idea to get everything out....but they were being good hosts). The kids had fun in the pool, with the squirt guns, and tossing water balloons around. I warned M's mom that I suspected water would be bring extra clothing for her. Between our son in law and a friend, the guys got the grill going and food cooked. Wouldn't you know it? The grill was out of gas....Greg to the rescue! Chuck cooked the food and many friends brought food to share so we had plenty to eat. I love being able to sit outside and visit, although some of the guys went inside to watch a baseball game. Later a couple of the men took the kids to the playground across the street to play for a bit.

Home Interiors window shelf-(looks hand painted)-$3

the section of my 'garden' that I like, flowers are still small, but it has potential
Kevin got home from work about 5:30 and he was able to enjoy our company for a was Father's Day after all.... After everyone left we cleaned up and I even washed all the dishes. Today I slept in and then talked on the phone so it was after noon when I left to run errands. I did manage to stop at the thrift store and find the above window shelf. It looks hand painted but after close scrutiny one can see that it is a decal. It is well used but just exactly what I am looking for and for $3 it's perfect to hang outside for the summer.

Most of today was nice, I washed and hung out the sheets. It was one of those days when I was on the phone at least10 times.......other days my phone doesn't ring at all. But was Monday and my day for errands, to play catch up, or just to play. I like Mondays! After supper it rained again. I guess we needed it, but maybe in a day or 2??? At least Sunday was perfect! Back to work and the real world tomorrow.............ta ta.....


  1. I like the window shelf? Did you hang it yourself?

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day. Your granddaughter has a wonderful smile.

  3. boopnut-Of course I hung it myself. I don't do grilling but I hang stuff.