Monday, June 4, 2012

Road Trip in Rural WI

 Much of Wisconsin in rural area and it is very beautiful (in my prejudiced eyes-I've lived here almost all of my life). Even covered in ice and snow it's beautiful, I didn't say I liked it...just that it is a beautiful state.
 I was on another of my solo adventures today. I went to visit my mom in her new apartment. On the above stretch of road a person feels like you are in a tunnel, it's especially pretty in autumn. There's no cell phone reception in that area, are you surprised?
This small river may look dirty brown, but it's quite shallow, clear, and the sandy bottom is showing through. I really wanted to take of my shoes and wade in it. It was beautiful and sunny when I stopped, all you could hear were the birds (an an occasional auto). I could have spent the whole day in my chair with my book. I have now decided I want to live next to a small river, to heck with the boaters and people  on the lake! This was sooooooooo peaceful!!!

Here is 'my' billboard, as promised.

With all the crap and changes around me I know why some people choose to steel their hearts


  1. Oh, I love these photos from your state. We've just returned from a trip to northern Minnesota and that is country unlike any I've ever seen before.

  2. Beautiful! I love Rivers..big and small!

  3. Thanks for taking me "along." Can't wait to see your Mom and her new digs.