Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

My thoughts today:

* I don't want to go to work today (I am normally off on Thursdays), but I want to get paid for Thursday, so I'll go

* Why did hubby wash off the "I love you guys" that was painted on our driveway by our grandson? I liked's not like we live in a ritzy neighborhood or it was graffiti.

*Am I wrong to still be angry and hurt that some family members lied about something I did not do? I guess I am holding a grudge b/c I haven't spoken to either....well, they haven't spoken to me. I don't plan to talk to them either unless they talk to me first and I expect acknowledgement of the wrongdoing. Is that wrong?

* How will I ever get the house cleaned and food made for the cookout I have planned for Sunday afternoon?

*Why has one of my bosses decided that now he needs to park in front of the building??? For 14 years he parked somewhere on the side and I parked in's annoying for me to back into the space next to the building, and besides I park like a 'dufus'

1 comment:

  1. You know the answer about holding a grudge and being first to break the silence (whether you are justified or not).

    Tell your boss you park like a dufus...he might move his truck.