Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

As I was watching HGTV last night and playing Words with Friends my thoughts went to how wasteful we are as an American society. No, not all of us....but anyone who watches HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms must think we are all so rich and don't care about the less fortunate. I saw a bathroom (couldn't find a photo of it) that was waaaaaaaay over the top, I was actually disgusted  by the opulence of it. Granted, there is no way I'll ever find out if maybe I could live like that.....but it might be nice to give it a try. *wink* In the meantime I will be satisfied with what I have.

personally, I do not like the tub jutting out or in the middle of the room
We have 1-3/4 bathrooms.........I say 2, but since the downstairs one only has a shower (that we never use) it is considered a 3/4 bath. Both of our baths are big enough for the essentials and only 1 person. I've never lived any other way so I am OK with it....sure would be nice to have a master bath attached to our bedroom though. Now that it is only hubby and me it is like our master bath. Oh, and a vanity would be nice, several years ago when my back was really bothering me I couldn't stand in front of the mirror to do my hair or make up.
white upholstered furniture and a fireplace in the bathroom? not for me
Ooops, I fibbed in the above paragraph. Many, many, many years ago when my (then) husband was in the service we lived in Colorado Springs (and I do remember the address) we had a 1/2 bath in our attic apartment (that is a whole other post) and had to share the tub, yes tub, with the other tenants. It didn't even bother me then, it sure would now.
On another HGTV program a remodeling job was being undertaken and the fixtures were smashed with a sledge hammer <#@>)^$%$.....why do they have to smash things? Can't any of these items be reused? There have to be needy organizations that can put them to good use!!! I hate wasting things; whether it is food, clothing, or other household items. Many years ago, when I worked in a factory one woman said she'd rather smash an unwanted item than give it to someone. Stupid! Heartless! Unchristian! Some of my unneeded items get sold and others I give away. I even try to fix things....later today I have to take apart my dehumidifier and vacuum it out and see if I can get it back to working condition...wish me luck!
What are your thoughts? Is there anything you need to share?


  1. You might be interested in books by Peter Menzel, Material World in particular. The book has pictures of the living quarters and various rooms in households worldwide. And, yes, our lives easily run to excess.

    I can recall as a child that my siblings and I all shared the same bath water on Saturday evenings!

  2. As I attempt to clean out my "collections," I too, am guilty of excess; not with opulent rooms, but just too much STUFF!