Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden Fair at the Botanical Gardens

Lots of flowers to choose from
It was a nice day for a walk through the flowers and I took advantage of it. I didn't see the need to be the first one there so I slept in this morning. I met some friends while I was there.




the lady in red, love it!

flip flop flowers and a pink flamingo

shovel art
 Who thinks of using such things as art? ...people that are much more creative than me!
cup cake windsock

I think I am going to buy some of this plate art this year, it just fascinates me

spoon flowers

tiny mirrors

a trip fence/border

 The winding trails through all of the gardens are beautiful, with one unusual plant after another.

huge koi

bench and plants inside this building

gorgeous sculptures

I didn't buy much but had a fabulous time looking at everything. I look forward to next years event.

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