Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunshine & laziness

Our hostess had to work today so we got to sleep in. It was in the high 70's today and we decided to walk to the strip mall and do a little shopping. It wasn't a long walk but when you have 3 people with back and foot problems it takes a little longer. We stopped at Goodwill and Bealls outlet. The prices were not bad in Goodwill, but the organization didn't make sense to us.....everything arranged according to color and not size, the shoes were on 'shelves' above the clothes. I prefer to look for my size of clothes and for shoes in one place. Sonic served us Sonics in WI (eat outside only). When we got back we walked about 3 blocks to the pool, it was like a spa.....there was a waterfall in the background and it was very quiet. Only 4 other people were there and no one was talking. Yes, I did get some sun. :-) Being the 'party animals' we are (LOL) I think we will eat in tonight. No plans for tomorrow yet.
I just love enjoying the sun :-) I would LOVE to buy a condo in this complex and winter here!!! but 1) we can't afford it, 2) we are not retired, 3) hubby would NEVER leave. Oh well, I can dream??????

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