Friday, November 26, 2010


It's cold outside, 17 and windy. :-( I hate winter already and it's not even here yet.
But it's cold in here too............thermostat is set at 80 and it's 61 in here. this has been going on for a couple of days......furnace runs but it never gets warm. Hubby denied it. I am DEFINITELY calling the furnace guy as soon as I get to work!
Speaking of hubby........he is STILL suffering with kidney stones. (since tues night). One good thing (?)....he was suppose to golf in the annual 'tuff shit' tournament today but will have to stay home. One of the local golf courses hosts a tournament the day after Thanksgiving...wonder how many will show up today????? Will have to ask bil.
Thanksgiving was nice. SIL had a great dinner, everyone got along (kids included), and it was stress-free. :-) Hope your Thanksgiving was nice too!!!
I work this morning (until about noon- or when all the service work gets done) and might do some shopping later......or not, depends on how I feel.
Happy Christmas shopping season /,%&*(?<@#%$

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