Sunday, November 7, 2010

"You don't know what you got til it's gone"

the saga continues from Naples, Florida....... Saturday was sunny, low 60's, and breezy. We went to the craft fair at the church and then we came home and most of the gals napped. We talked, had facials and then..............Deb could not turn on the kitchen faucet. I got up to look at it then Shirley got up and determined that there was no water. It's after 9PM and Connie & donned sweatshirts and shoes and went outside to see what we could see. Water was gushing out of some sort of backflow preventer recently was darn cold outside.............a woman was walking toward us and said she called the water dept and ended up talking to the fire dept....a fire truck came out and said it wasn't their responsibility............after 4 attempts she got through to the water dept, about 2 hrs later a couple of guys came and looked at it. Would have this been fixed right away if it happened in WI? I don't know.
This morning (Sunday) we cleaned up with wipes and were off to church. (A repairman was working on it when we left.) We all beelined it to the bathrooms......Ahhhh...the sound of flushing water.........and the feel of water to wash up with............:-) We went to Bible study and had bars/bakery and coffee/tee for breakfast. After church we had lunch with Shirley's friends. I had a delicious, huge omelet. DE LI CIOUS!!! Today's weather was warmer, 75 and breezy again. We stopped at Joanne's Fabrics on the way home. Then we relaxed and went to the grocery store, and are looking forward to taking showers in the morning!!!!

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