Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vacation in Naples FL

This has a couple of my favorite things: enjoying chocolate ice cream at the Dairy Queen and feeling the warm sunshine on my back...ahhh :-) Our hostess and queen of the Fabulous Flames (whom we visited) gave us an ornament. Connie, I, and Deb helped them with their scrapbook.
Wouldn't I like to see those in my yard now???

Have you ever seen such huge lily pads? This was at the Naples Botanical Garden.

Sunset at Loudermilk Park in Naples. It is always full of people enjoying the sunset and walking on the beach.

Fried ice cream! DeLiCious!!!

Our chairs at the pool. I miss my chair..........wahhhhhhhhhhhhh The view from my chair.

My view while laying in the hammock.

I LOVE this hammock.............hope Santa is reading this....and plants some big trees to hang one on. LOL

A palm branch fell down and I was going to fan the girls.....but someone had to take a photo.

On our last day we took the cat in to have his nails clipped (at a nearby strip mall-they are all over the city- they don't need enclosed malls like we do) and I laughed so hard when I saw the Christmas ornaments on the light posts............what a twist, Christmas ornaments and palm trees. It's something I have never seen before, but I wouldn't mind seeing it every year.

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