Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back home

I am not sure if anyone reads this....but I am writing in spite of that.
YES! it is good to be back home (not the 39 degrees we have now), YES Florida was warm and fun.
But it's good to sleep in my own bed with my own TV tuned to my channel (OK, we had on a POKEMON movie last night--grandson was over), to take a LONG warm BATH, and to know I am loved and this is my home! Grandson J had a huge hug and kisses for me. Hubby is not demonstrative....I am used to it most of the time but at times it hurts, especially when I hear how loving other husbands are.
The vacation was nice and it went too fast. It was soooooooooo nice, sunny and about 80 every day. We didn't get to do a lot b/c our hostess had broken her leg just before we arrived and Worker's Comp is making her work. Shirley is in pain and exhausted when she comes home so in the evenings we just stayed 'home' and relaxed. We did take a trip to the Naples Botanical Gardens. My 3 companions all drove scooters through it and I walked. The tropical plants are so different from what we see in this part of the country. A couple of sections were not open yet and I would have liked to see more flowers.........but it was very nice and I'm glad we went.
Most of the time my back was OK, although one morning my legs (stemming from back problems) hurt so bad I just sat and cried for a bit until I was able to get up and take my shower. I really need to discuss it with the chiropractor and find out what he can do.
We did a little shopping, a lot of eating out, made washer pendants, spent time at the pool :-), went to church, a Red Hat meeting, helped Shirley with things around the house, etc.
I finished 2 books: THE HINDI BINDI CLUB by Monica Pradhan and GONE FOR GOOD by Harlen Coben, I love his books.
The food (mostly seafood) was good, altho I would not order another steam pot from Joe's Crab Shack, I don't like eating with my fingers and cracking crab legs open. At the Ale House we were served with Styrofoam dishes and plastic forks and spoons b/c there was a gas explosion in Fort Meyers that affected the Naples area also (no hot water to cook or wash dishes with). That was just one of our many unusual adventures. The only bad meal I had was in WI at a Mexican restaurant.
I sorted through all of my mail, I still have to unpack, do laundry, and wash the breakfast dishes. I am glad I have Monday off.

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