Friday, November 19, 2010

Life is good

I have a few updates here:
Hubby is back to work full time, for the past year he was on lay off every 2nd week.
Step-son E seems to be better, he has gained back weight. The DR never did find out what was wrong...........they did $1000's worth of tests on him. Right now they have a 'wait and see' attitude.
Friend's grandson suffered 2 skull fractures in a bike accident on Wednesday, he is in stable condition, alert, and conscious.
I made $11 doing laundry yesterday................usually I only make .25 (LOL)
And I have been really ambitious all week..........and my house is still a mess, suitcase is not put away, and I have potted plants outside to get rid of. The weather is not conducive to tossing those... hope it warms up a few degrees soon!

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