Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let the holidays begin

I guess I don't have any choice, it's the holiday season, whether I like it or not.
We had a nice thanksgiving dinner at SIL's home. The kids all got along....maybe they are maturing? ( 5 & 6). The dinner was fantastic, BIL cleaned up most of the dishes, and I got to 'play' with my new grandson and see our youngest granddaughter (who never stops).
On Black Friday I worked in the morning and did some shopping after 12. The checkout line in Kohls was long, but it moved quickly. The 2nd place I went to was Fleet Farm and I wanted to call SIL about something when I left, but my purse was in the backseat so I figured I'd wait until I got to WalMart...........but NO PURSE! :-( Talk about loose your purse on the worst shopping day of the year!!!! FF is only about a mile away, but it sure was a long mile. Someone did turn my purse in....thankfully I left it in the cart in the store and an employee was standing there putting the carts away and got it before anyone else could have taken it. I was one happy girl when I got that fat purse back. I was thankful that I didn't leave it at Walmart!
I got a recommendation from my bosses at work and called the furnace guy...he came out in the morning and said our furnace is at least 23 years old and needs to be replaced. It's working now, but who knows how long that will last. Anyone have $2700 to spare???? We should get it this year b/c of the tax rebate.......
Yesterday hubby FINALLY felt better, he had a long bout with kidney stones.
I did some more shopping yesterday with bff....she got a lot of stuff at Younkers (where she is working for the holidays). We had lunch at a little deli inside the OLD has only a couple of stores left in it. Sad, because it is close by for us (about 10-15 minutes closer than the rest of the shopping). We each had the sweet potato fries..........very good!
Last night I took 2 of my grandsons to the parade. I told them to wear snow pants and I had blankets along. J sat on my lap which was fine with me...kept me warm too. It was chilly! The boys got tons of candy. The man who was standing next to us kept pointing out candy in the road to J and made sure J & S got candy. He gave J a t-shirt that was thrown to him (too small). We came home with lots of candy, next year I will have to remember to bring bags for candy. I had a bag along last night with blankets in it, so that worked well for us.
I have to take inventory of the presents I already have.......I know I have 3 grandkids done :-) ...only 6 more to go..... And adult kids (gift cards), friends, hubby ????
I'm up early today b/c it was too warm upstairs and my grandson breathes (too loud). Hopefully I can catch up on some of my eamils.

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