Monday, June 27, 2016

A Book Break

I don't have many readers or comments on my book posts, but I know people read them, so here goes......
I've read many, many books these past few months....mostly thrillers and mysteries I have (free) on my Kindle.
This autobiography about Audrey Hepburn was written by her son. We read it for book club, One of our members said it seemed like an advertisement for UNICEF. She was very involved with UNICEF. I liked the book because it contained a lot of photos. Isn't she just a cute, little pixie? The reason she's so tiny is not because she starved herself...but because she grew up during WWII and did not get a lot to eat.

This 2nd book was given to me by a friend. It's at least $6 to buy, but she got it for $1 at the Dollar Tree. When I checked the ratings I found 4 - 5 stars. 
It was a pretty good book. The wife of the bishop of a prominent southern church dies young (of cancer). Before his wife passes she dictates several letters that will be sent to 3 women that she thinks will make a good wife for the bishop. Did her plan work or backfire? It's interesting and a switch from what I've been reading. It's not a heavy read, a good summer read. 

I feel pretty darn good today. I'm doing laundry and baked a cake for strawberry short cake. 
Soon I'll be off to my dr appointment. I need to ask him to explain dome of my test results. Then I'm having blood work done to be sure I can continue my new chemo pills. They aren't too bad, BUT I've lost most of my eyelashes now.
I'll report back later.


  1. I recently bought some books at the Dollar Store, too, and they turned out to be pretty good ones!!
    Continued prayer as you work your way back to health!

  2. I just don't have time to read a book, how funny is that?