Tuesday, June 21, 2016

To Drive or Not To Drive?

I am so proud of myself, I kept this planter ALL winter! The winter before it did not make it. I love all the little 'babies' that are hanging over the edge....I had no part in that.
It has finally warmed up and it is so nice to watch the kids play outside, to go for a drive in the convertible, or to just sit on the deck and read. 

Today we are off to Bay Beach (small, inexpensive amusement park) with my girlfriend, step-daughter, and some of the grandkids. Fortunately Deb is driving....I drive a little it in town but will not drive long distances or out of town.
That reminds me......saturday I drove 3 or 4 miles in the country to a farm market to get some produce.....Kev found out about it and he was not too happy. He is worried about my meds affecting my mind. Granted I do take a lot but none of them say that I shouldn't drive. I admit that sometimes I do struggle to think of the correct word, but that doesn't affect my driving. I was more concerned about my neuropathy  and drop foot.  Next week I am going to ask the doctor about it, I am hoping Kevin will be there to hear what he has to say. No one wants to take me to every single place I want to go. Since I'm purging clothes and stuff I have bags to drop off at the thrift store every couple of weeks....with Kev or without him works for me. 
Last week Deb took me thrifting...it was fun and I got a couple of new tops. Of course we had to go for lunch too. 


  1. Love your planter and I love the color of your spare room. Nice job.
    I know how good it feels to do something for yourself like drive.
    Just don't go to far. : )
    Take care,

  2. Love the pretty planter:) Hope you have a wonderful day, doing what you love to do, spending time with friends and family! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I like going on our trips! Don't be afraid though...you won't go through the windshield!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful day enjoying Bay Beach!

  5. Love the planter! Enjoy your day at Bay Beach. I hope that the doctor settles Kev's mind when it says it will not hurt for you to drive.

  6. I think not being able to drive would be hard. I do love thrift stores, and my daughter and I hit one a couple days ago and I found several nice things.

  7. I take it, you foot is a little better? LOVE the planter BTW.

  8. Love the planter...so pretty! Sounds like you are doing well. Enjoy being out and about but maybe not too far away. I'm sure your hubby is just worried about your safety because he loves you so much. Hope you had fun at the theme park. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky