Sunday, June 12, 2016

What A Weekend..................

 and it's not over yet.
I got a couple of cute cards.....hope you can see them.

 The dog one is about being down in the dumps.
And I just love how Joyce decorates the inside of her cards.

I'm still adjusting to my new's a teensy bit better.

My driving foot is improving.

We had summer yesterday. We went for a convertible ride later in the afternoon and the thermometer said 90! Today it is 63 and breezy. That's life in Two Rivers, Wi. It was a nice, long drive in the country (except for the liquid manure) odor. Of course we stopped for ice cream.
I wasn't too sure of how the day would see, Kevin golfed in the morning and he said he'd be home about 2 and paint the bedroom.............that has been a MESS since January. It's a small room and there is no place to go with the furniture. Some times his plans change....but he was right on yesterday. He got his supplies ready.....and I heard some ......swear words from upstairs.....that can't be good. A few minutes later I said: "Don't tell me that was a can of paint falling onto the floor". Yes, that's what it was. I did not go to take a picture or check on him. He's best when left that is what I did. He scrubbed and scrubbed the carpet and it really isn't too bad.
A couple of hours later he came downstairs, calmly, and said the ceiling is painted and that he used the remainder of the paint as primer for the unpainted walls. He suggested that we go for a ride, so I got dressed and off we went. It was a good ending to what could have been a disastrous day.
He is golfing again this morning.....I can not take that away from him. He has several projects to do this summer and I can't nag too much. Painting the bedroom was my priority. If I hadn't gotten sick I could have done it.
This afternoon we have a graduation party to attend and then some shopping to do.

Have a great Sunday....what's left of it. 
I am never sure of how my morning is going to go so I didn't go to church or the picnic today.


  1. The convertible ride must have been nice on Saturday. That crazy weather wasn't just for TR. Sunday was beautiful, on the cool side, at Darla's on Sunday but they were all talking about how lucky that they didn't have the party on Saturday because it was so hot!
    Glad that your foot is getting better.