Monday, June 6, 2016

Macaroni is Macaroni

And Noodles are noodles................unless  you are my husband....and then you might think they are all spaghetti??? I never even had spaghetti on my list!

 I had written noodles on my know like you might use for chicken noodle soup???? I wanted to go to the grocery store with Kevin but my son and daughter were on the way over so I stayed here.
The following day I found a box of macaroni  in the pantry.................husbands???
Yes, I often find things that I don't want in my cupboard. Hubby doesn't watch the sodium levels, and if I liked it 6 months ago he thinks I still like it and will continue to buy it......... He is trying but I guess I need to write more specific grocery lists. 
Sunday started out cool and cloudy but by late afternoon it was warm and sunny outside. I took my Kindle and found my comfy chair. Later a friend came over with shrimp salad for supper :-)
A couple of hours later the sky got dark, it started to rain, and the wind picked up. About 20 minutes later, the lawn was filled with branches, and the power was out so we settled down for a quiet evening. 
The 'natives' are getting restless.......The last day of school is later this week and the students and teachers are 'killing time'. My grandson wants to attend summer school...last year I took him but this year I can't drive. I guess it is just too hard for mom to take him, doesn't live with them. He is in the gifted and talented program, but............I hate to see his enthusiasm and talent wasted.
I have a dr appointment this afternoon. I am being switched to another oral chemo pill, wish me luck! I can't wait to see what the new side effects are............(she says sarcastically).


  1. Good luck with the new meds. It is sad to see young people that are enthusiastic about learning not be able to reap the bounty of learning that they want.

  2. Oh yes, it is nice to have help but sometimes the husbands just don't think:) Praying that your new pill gives you NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. My hubby does not grocery shop!!!!
    I really hope your new pill is easy on you. A bit of sarcasm is food for the soul when the going is bumpy ;-)
    Blessing to you!