Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's Painted and I Don't Like it

Our spare bedroom is painted, at last, and I don't like the color. I know Kevin will not  repaint it so I better learn to like it. The walls are light gray, looks white if you just glance at it. The ceiling is white. I have to make up the bed, put up the new curtains, hang up art work, etc. I'll post after photos later. 

Happy Father's Day!
We had a really nice afternoon, Kevin's 2 kids came over for a cookout......of course the grands were over too. The kids have fun....for the most part....they started with a water fight. I don't mind....I have dry clothes for the boys...the girl didn't get that wet. Unfortunately there was too much yelling....the two youngest brothers don't get along. 

It was a beautiful day and nice to visit with the kids and enjoy a good meal. Tomorrow it is back to the real world. 


  1. It looks nice on the picture. Once you get some things on the wall it will be even better. Glad that the kids were able to come over.

  2. You will like it better when you finish decorating:). Father's Day sounds like it was fun! Have a blessed evening, hugs.

  3. I think the new color is great! Looks like a fun day with the grands. Nice fence and yard.

  4. I like the new color and maybe you will too once paintings and items are on walls. It looks like a fun day with the grandkids and it is always loud when young kids are around.

  5. Once you get the contrasting colors into the room, it should look more grey. Looks like everyone had a good time on Sunday!