Saturday, December 5, 2015

Oh, The Things I Have to Put Up With

You may remember when Robin Jingles, the elf on a shelf, came to live with us this past summer. My granddaughter was here for a visit and we named him together. Now that it's December and the holidays are nearing he is certainly more active. One afternoon I found him near the ceiling sitting on this valance.

 Later in the day he was peeking at one of my nativity displays.
 Thursday I baked cookies and I caught him before he swiped a taste of the dough. I don't want him to be sick over the holiday season.
 As I was making M&M treat bags for my grandchildren yesterday  I found him diving in, head first, into the bowl of M&Ms. It's going to be a trying month, I can tell.
This is a really cute saying for an M&M treat bag that I found here. You simply print off the cards from that site and attach to a small bag or jar of M&Ms. It's really cute, one of our gals made them up for our Red Hat Christmas party....that post is coming up.
I am making one for all of my grandchildren,
Have a great weekend.............I hope to get my tree up and decorated. Wish me luck!


  1. You will be home bound for December taking care of that sassy little Robin Jingles! Good luck!

  2. Your elf is into everything isnt he? So cute, wish my children were still small and could enjoy theirs all over again. The saying for the bags says it all.

  3. That naughty elf! LOL! I would be eating the dough and M&M's too!

  4. Linda, I laughed at the elf. That is so darn cute. I would have my head in the m&m's too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I love the PEACE on your mantle!

  6. What a fun post..... You found the kid in me, and I couldn't wait to see the next picture and what your little elf was up too. Love the M&M clever!

  7. So cute! My classroom elf will be making his debut soon! The kids always love it! I made some of those M & M tags several years ago to give with red and green M & M's to my Sunday School class. I thought it was so neat!

  8. That's quite the active little elf you've got visiting you!!