Thursday, December 10, 2015

Electronics + Liquid + Me = Not Such A Good Combo

Sunday was a good day! My weight was down, I had my grandsons and SS here for the afternoon to decorate cookies. We saw a fantastic light show set to music. 
Monday was not so good - my weight was back up. As I posted earlier I keep my phone in my back pocket so I can track my steps. I also take a diuretic so when I hafta go, I hafta go! I usually pull my phone out of my pocket before I sit down. (I know TMI)
I didn't...
and then I heard a plop :-(
Yup, my phone fell in.
Thank goodness I was home and had a clean toilet.  I fished it out and it seemed ok so I just put it down. When I checked it an hour or 2 later, it was not ok, VERY not ok. I was just sick...I knew it was my fault for not taking it out of the case immediately and putting it into rice. Do you know how much a new iphone costs? It's not even the newest one. I put in a bag of rice and the next morning the screen was still a bunch of striations. What else could I do? I put it back in the rice and forced myself to get out and go to Laugh Yoga instead of staying home and beating myself up.
That afternoon as I was at the computer the  bag of rice started ringing. Woo Hoo!
I kept it in the rice overnight again and took it out Wednesday. It's ok still doesn't alert me when I get a text, but it never did.

That's not my only story....
Several weeks ago I spilled my hot tea on the table where my laptop lives. I picked it up right away but it still got wonky. It was having some other issues before that....I think I'll look for a new one after the holidays.You can see my remedy in the above photo. I attached my crafting cup holder to my table and put my drinks in that, works great. 
What I learned: 
1) Don't keep your cell phone in your back pocket! From now on it's in my purse, a wristlet, or in my denim 'apron/pocket'.
2) Act fast and use the rice technique!
3) Be patient. I know someone who had their ipod in rice for many days and it came back, after they bought a new one. 

Am I the only one who has done this?


  1. I can empathize...I dumped a hot cup of coffee in my lap, while talking on the phone. Wet me, my recliner and the carpet. So far I havent dropped my phone into any body of water, but I can subject to do that at any minute! Glad yours is working again. Have a nice afternoon.

  2. Logan had a Zune(his first thing just like an ipod). It got washed in the washing machine a few times. The first 2 times I put it in rice right away. No problems, the 3rd time, it died.LOL.

  3. It is good to know this about the rice. I will have Dan check the notifications on your phone. Maybe that is why you don't get an alert for messages.

  4. You got very lucky with your phone drying out and being useable again. My 2 year old grandson dropped his mama's phone into a sink full of water and she tried to dry it out using the rice trick. The phone sort of worked - she could send and receive texts but she couldn't make or receive a phone call. She had to wait 4 months before her contract was up for renewal to get a new phone. Glad to hear that yours is working!

  5. Wonky? That's a funny word. I've never heard it. I love the way we all express ourselves differently depending on where we live. I know Laugh Yoga was great. I've never heard of that one either.