Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Concerts And More

I haven't been posting because: 1) I've been busy and 2) I've been very upset.
The elementary school my 2 grandsons attend hosts a Bookmunchers event every month. A family member is invited to have lunch with the child and then the child reads to us. Grandson J is in 5th grade and I have attended almost every one for 5 years. I bring lunch for him and his brother and we spend the time together. No one else from their family has ever gone.  A couple of Thursdays ago, on the day of Bookmunchers, I was awoken by a 7:30am phone call from my grandson (who was crying so hard I could barely understand him) telling me that I could not attend. I called his mom's phone back 2 or 3 times and no one answered. A little while later J called me and I could hear his mother yelling in the background "tell her the real reason".....huh? "you didn't ask me first".....huh? I always go................ I know she can't tell me what to do, but I also knew she'd make life more miserable for J if I was there. In fact, she told the other boy to tell her if I was there and she did ask him about it. She does everything in her power to keep me from J. I emailed his teacher to explain that he may be a bit "off", she was glad I did and replied that he is an "amazing kid".

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family yesterday.
In October when J was here he made a gift for his dad's birthday. I try to teach him that the best gift is from the heart, not Walmart. I framed the item and wrapped it and he took it home (where he, 2 brothers, & mom live with her parents) to give to his dad. When dad's birthday rolled around the gift was nowhere to be found. 

dad reading his late birthday gift
Fortunately I took a photo of it so we'd have it for the scrapbook. I could not find the form I printed for J so we just printed the copy and framed that for dad. J gave it to his dad yesterday when they were here.

I was able to attend the boys' concert. J had a solo part and he was so proud. When I attend any of the concerts I use sign language to convey my love, he nods in we can communicate without anyone else being too aware.

At the end of the concert the school held a drawing to see who could cut the principal's tie. Weird idea, but that is what they wanted to do. In order to be in the drawing the student had to get a slip for good behavior. 

Grandson J cuts off the principal's tie.
 Before one of their performances the 6th grade band played. Grandson S plays the saxophone (blue shirt)

Later that week I attended our 7 year old granddaughter's concert. 
Before the concert I had lunch with my daughter and the other grandma. I am glad to share my grands with Bev.

Granddaughter C, black top, smiling at me. Yes, she's a tiny thing. It's a big school and very hard to get a photo while they are performing.
I was able to talk, briefly, to all 3 of the grands after school that day. Granddaughter A and I finalized our conspiracy plans that afternoon. 
Have a great 'last minute Christmas duties' week. I know I have things to do............and 2 gifts to purchase. 


  1. Hi Linda, It makes me sad when a parent has to act that way with their kids. It is not fair to them or the grandparents. I always attended the boys school functions. There will be a day when she will wish she hadn't done that, but it may take a while. I always try to remember what my parents always said. You treat those how you want to be treated. Have a Merry Christmas. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  2. Sad that a parent prevents you from attending anything the grands do...that is what grandparents enjoy...being with, and seeing them perform. I have 6 and try my best to go to anything and everything. Merry Christmas to you and yours from Tennessee.

  3. Eastin is sure to treasure his gift, and a great opportunity to share with his boys more about himself.
    I did not know Jalen had a solo, or I would have certainly gone! Glad he had so much support.
    Looks like fun to see your other grands and their other grandma!

  4. What a wonderful treasure you helped J to make for his dad. How could something that precious "get lost?" So nice that you could witness all of those concerts!