Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What I've Been Reading

I've been on vacation so I read on the airplane and at the pool.
This first book was for book club. I think I've read it before. It's a book I could not put down. The mother agrees to take her young daughter to Iran with her husband to visit his family. In 2 weeks they will be home. He holds her hostage and it takes a lot longer than 2 weeks for her and her daughter to return to America. What she goes through is unbelievable, it was written in 1987 and I am not sure how much of that might go on now.

Harlen Coben is one of my favorite authors.
There are so many twists and turns in his books....as the story goes on you find out the characters are connected and and 'who done it'.

THE GLASS CASTLE is a memoir, another great book.
Parts of it are so hard to believe. The parents are very dysfunctional so the children aren't always sure that their life is not normal. This family moves many times, usually in the middle of the night and lives in rundown houses, often without running water or electricity. It's intriguing to see how the 4 children grow up and how some of them turn out to be 'normal' and others just can't.

These are all great books!
Have you read any of them?
Tonight we're discussing NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER and having a chili tasting party. I am looking forward to it. 


  1. Awesome discussion. Even better tasting party! I started the Glass Castle last night. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks.

  2. I saw the movie of Not Without my Daughter. I will never forget it!
    When I saw The Glass Castle photo - I caught my breath! My sister (Deanie) bought it a few years ago and then passed it around the family until all of us siblings and most of our children had read it. We lived a serious dysfunctional childhood ourselves and when I told Amber, see? Ours could have been worse! She replied, "MOM!!! Yours WAS!"
    That's what the book I'm writing is about......how we survived our childhood. There were seven children born to my mother. One died at birth and two were given away. The four of us that grew up together have all turned out to have wonderful lives and for this we are so very thankful to God! He gave us guardian angels to watch over us. Our children had no clue what our childhood was like......until recent years when we started to finally talk about it. Talking about things that were not really OUR shame to bear can lead to healing and that is a beautiful thing. Healing of hearts and spirits and emotions.

    1. Linda, I had no idea! So glad you are able to 'get it off your chest' and write about it. God Bless!!!

    2. Linda, I had no idea! So glad you are able to 'get it off your chest' and write about it. God Bless!!!