Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday & I Love/Hate Options

Deb from Sharing Interests shared this photo on facebook and I LOVE it.  We both want to look like this again, my hair is shorter now and hers is longer. (1996)

Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with options. I HAVE to have options, yet I hate having them. SOMETIMES I wish I didn't have so much clothing, purses, jewelry, shoes, etc. Actually I have considerable pared down my pants and capris....I am retired and don't need that much! Tomorrow at 12:35 pm we will be in El Paso and the temp should be about 70 degrees. **smile** But when we leave our house it will be about 45 ...... clothing layers, here I come. I have been packing all week....taking things out, putting things in...and I'm still not done...... the bedroom floor is covered with suitcases and clothing. I say I don't need anything new...but then I buy something. I have some things to return, I'll take care of that when we get home.
It's going to be 75-85 during the day and 50-55 at night. Do I need a pair of jeans for at night? Will we be out in the evening? What if I don't feel like wearing the shirt I have packed for that day??? I need to bring some extras. I know I'll need a sweatshirt or sweater for air conditioning. Since I've been on my wonderful new meds and my BP is low I am often cold. 
Do you have problems packing like I do? Michele (who is going with us does....makes me feel a little better). Kev will pack tonight and it will probably take him 15 I envy men.
I slept in today and am taking advantage of not having to be at radiation at 9:30 so I NEED to shower and get dressed.
I might schedule some posts for the next few days.....have a good weekend. I plan to!!!


  1. Linda, Wear some nice shoes and a big smile girl. I do not think people will notice your clothes so much with you smiling your pretty smile. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie