Friday, April 10, 2015

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Thursday I was busy. 
First I had radiation. Then I stopped home for about 15 I was off to buy lunch for myself and 2 grandsons. The 2nd thursday of the month is Bookmunchers at their school. They read to me and then we eat. I have a suspicion that the main reason they want me to come is for the free lunch I bring. Oh well....
Next I took some clothing to the children's consignment store and did some shopping. 
Mid afternoon I had an appointment to be a part of a panel discussion about pharmacies. We were paid cash for that :-) I like to participate when I qualify, cash is good!
I still had some shopping to do so I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up a file box and some 12 x 12 hanging files. I started to organize my scrapbook papers in it and then put it in my tote, but it took up more space than my current am returning the file box....IF I can find my receipt. 

I've had my eye on this bracelet for about 2 was not cheap, each part (band and metal plate) are purchased separately at a price I'd like to pay for the whole bracelet. The unique gift shop is going out of business and Everything is 60% off so I broke down and picked it up.  I drive by the store every week day and have only stopped one other time. Yesterday I got the bracelet for myself and a couple of Christmas ornaments (70% off) for the grands. 

Of course I stopped at the thrift store and here are my 'goodies', all for $, that is not a typo. The denim ones did not fit (I didn't have time to try them on) so I returned them today and found a different pair. That store charges $1 for capris. The black ones are almost new and were $2. They are kind of a pain with the two sets of buttons in wonder they were at the thrift store...but they fit nice and I needed some capris for our trip to El Paso. I have enough capris now....SO KEEP ME AWAY FROM THEM ALL THE CLOTHING AT THE THRIFT STORE!!! The white socks are for Kev and the pink ones are for crazy sock day for my grands. The metal colander will go in my 'junque' garden.

'Spose I should find something to do and get off the computer.
Happy weekend y'all. 


  1. You have the best luck finding the good stuff at thrift stores! I like that bracelet, too, and at 60% off it's another great bargain.

  2. Love that bracelet. Congratulations on being a survivor. You are in my prayers.