Monday, April 6, 2015

I Hate Grass and Other Easter Stories

No, not that kind of grass......if you abuse it I suppose I hate it...but I really don't think about it. What do YOU think of Easter grass? I hate it and never use it. It gets all over the house and the candy sticks to it. So my deprived grandchildren get plain baskets with just candy and a few little gifts. After the egg hunt their baskets had more candy. I was surprised when an extra boy showed up with my SS. Never fear...........I found an extra basket and threw in a handful of candy....sorry no gift though, and then proceeded to hide it (like the rest). He seemed OK with that and never knew I didn't know he was coming.
Our weather wasn't too bad; it was chilly but no rain or snow so we were able to have an egg hunt. I really enjoy hosting that. I keep my eyes peeled all year for small gifts and 'new' Easter baskets. I especially like the ones that are like ice cream pails. 
Grandpa hid the eggs and the kids searched.......hey, what is that mom doing out there??? Guess I need to enforce the rules about 'No moms in the field.'

Two of the older boys (11 and almost 10)

Another mom giving hints....OK, those are 2 of the younger boys.
Pretty bad looking lawn, huh?

 Kevin's children relaxing.

Three of my grandsons and their cousin.

We celebrated grandson J's birthday a little early. His aunt and cousin won't be able to come to his party............IF mom has one. He baked his and helped decorate his birthday cupcakes...not knowing they were for his birthday. 

Our son in law always sleeps when he comes over. He's part owner of a bar and is up late at night. Some of the kids had snacks while watching granddaughter M play a game.

Since I can't have ham (too high in sodium) and hate to cook sit down dinners I decided that we'd have a cook out and just make hamburgers. Of course Kevin didn't think I'd have enough hamburger so he bought more....guess what we had lots of leftovers...and I even gave some away. Why doesn't he lever listen to me???? He better be in the mood for leftover hamburgers this week!!! Everyone brought a dish to share, except SS....guess I better start talking to him. Why do single guys think they get a freebie???

We did have a nice Easter, too much food, visiting with people I care about, got to see some of my grands.....and it sure was nice after everyone was gone. 

Have a great week and send us some warm weather........still too cool here. 

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  1. Easter grass is evil! I agree with you on hating it. I put some in an Easter basket for my 19 month old granddaughter and then we went outside to take photos. She had a lollipop in her mouth and then got the sticky stuff on her hands. When she reached to grab her basket, she missed the handled and her hand landed in the Easter can imagine what a mess it was trying to get the grass that had stuck to her little hand off and free from the lollipop sugary slime...ewww! I will take your advice and forego putting the grass in her basket next year! Glad you had a happy Easter celebration!