Sunday, April 12, 2015

Changing The Subject

Soon, very soon I will have completed 33 radiation treatments. I am not going to say it was a piece of cake (it kinda was) but I will say it was not as bad as I thought it would be.
The last 5 days have been the worst, I feel like I have a bad sunburn. I lotion up about 4 times a day with Aquaphor, Maiderm, or Norske's from the doctor's office. On tuesday I will have my last treatment. YIPPEE!!
More good news I forgot to share: I received an official phone call last week and was told I do not need the lifevest anymore. It is so nice to have a 'naked' back. I will have another ECHO in May and hopefully we'll see more improvement then. 
Did you know that the radiation goes through the chest and can affect the back shoulder area too? I didn't. I have a red, rough, itchy area on my shoulder and the nurses said it was from the I lotion that area too....not an easy task.
Yes, it IS time to change the subject from my cancer to something else, anything else!!!!
And here is my new subject: El Paso, Texas. On friday we fly out with a layover in Vegas (last year the power went out on the layover) and then onto El Paso. Kev is bowling in the national tournament and the team he is on now takes their wives. The temps there have been in the high 70's to low 80's. It will feel HOT to me...but I'll deal with it. The weather prediction for the time we will be there us sunny, sunny, sunny (insert a big smile). The only problem I anticipate will be keeping my radiation burn covered. I am a tank top type of gal but instead of tank tops I'll be wearing t-shirts or nicer, not low cut tops. I can't wait to get away! I will hang out with Kev's boss's  wife and we'll have a rental car if we need it. I plan to sit by the pool with a book for a lot of the time. I think Michelle says there are places within walking distance, I'll just go with the flow.  On wednesday night we'll return home, I am not sure if there is any sightseeing planned. 
Last year we went to Reno for the tournament and it was just before I started chemo, this year the trip is right after I finish radiation....appropriate???

In the meantime I think I will be able to get outside here and get the leaves off my flower beds.
Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Linda, Yea, for Tuesday !!! And yea, for you girl. I am happy you are doing so well. Also the trip with your husband , just relax and so deserve it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. How fun! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! Have a great week...:)

  3. So happy it is almost over. Enjoy your trip,stay safe.

  4. Not sure when we will have time for our birthday lunch! Well, you have a good vacation and I'll see you when you get back! Think light weight, flowing tops, and you'll be fine. Wear a hat and sunscreen! Have a good time! There, my instructions.

  5. Yay, for breaking up with "Jon"!!!! Such wonderful news!
    I hope you'll have a wonderful trip and take lots of great photos to scrap!
    Wishing you safe travels!!!

  6. Glad you have something lovely to look forward to, have a great time and relax by the pool x