Thursday, April 9, 2015

All The Best People Are Born In April

....and of course I am one of them. 
Just ask my grandson if I don't have 'awesome sauce' poured all over me. 

One of my granddaughters had a birthday earlier in the month. She always gets her gift late because I don't mail it. I will see her at the end of the month for her dance recital and give it to her then....that is, after I purchase it. 
Next are 2 brothers in law, we don't see much of either but I do like to wish them a Happy Birthday.
A couple of days later is my bff at Sharing Interests and Life. We're not exchanging gifts but hope to go out for a birthday dinner. A few days later is grandon J's birthday, on 'tax day'. He already started celebrating....he got his gift from his aunt, we had birthday cupcakes (in my Easter post). He wanted several books from Scholastic books at school so that's what we gave him. It looks like I'll be spending part of his birthday with him at school, it's grandparents day. I wonder if I should bring a treat??? I'll ask him later.
Our son in law's birthday is this month too.
Next is my oldest grandson...he'll be seems like just yesterday I was bawling on the phone when my daughter called to tell me he had arrived. He'll get his gift when I go to the dance recital.  
And then it's my sister's birthday....wonder what she wants???
Last, but not least, it's MY birthday!
I think my dad's birthday was in April too. 
May has a few birthdays too, but it is not as bad. Mom's birthday is the day after mine...but she is celebrating in heaven again (with her son and mother). Another granddaughter has a May birthday.
I better get shopping!!!!



  1. Happy BIRTHDAY!!! You are looking AWESOME!!!! I am so thrilled to see this gorgeous photo of you! You FABULOUS person, you!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Awesome Girl. Happy birthday to all your loved ones who are celebrating this month. Today is my granddaughter Emma's birthday. I just called her. She got her card in the mail ...she'll have a bit of money to buy her own gift. You are looking good Linda, Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Great photo :) April is the best month for a birthday!
    Celebrate all month!

  4. How is it that so many great people have their birthday in April?

  5. What a wonderful portrait of you! You look so good in red. March is our big month for bds.
    Mine, a daughter, a son, one granddaughter, two grandsons-in-law. Mine was celebrated on
    Easter weekend (even tho it is 3/30) And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
    Sarah Stainback