Saturday, April 4, 2015

So Sweet But Yet So Disruptive.

As I said in a previous post I am feeling really good, back to normal (except for occasional  lightheadedness), and addicted to chocolate once again.
Since the beginning of my journey I have lost about 30# and I like the way I look now. When I was getting chemotherapy last summer I lost my appetite and had to force myself to eat, Not anymore. I didn't eat any chocolate, I was able to walk right past Kevin's candy dishes and barely look at the chocolate. The only sweets I liked were fruit snacks. 
One side effect of the chemo was the absence of pain in my knees, especially my left knee (with a bakers cyst, damage from an auto accident, and arthritis). Now I take Anastrozole and one of it's side effects are painful joints. Sometimes my knees wake me up at night from the pain. My left knee is really stiff and painful when I get up from a sitting position (nothing new) and I limp around for a few steps.
 AHA! I had a revelation last night.....I think when I can't fall asleep.
I think it is the sugar consumption that is adding to my pain. I can feel that my knee is more swollen now than during chemo. Cancer also feeds on sugar. Ok, so now how do I cut the sugar??? Or more truthfully how do I stop the CHOCOLATE???

When I do I will feel better and not gain my lost weight back. 
Yesterday I filled 100 Easter eggs with candy for our egg hunt on Sunday.....well....I had to eat some of the chocolate.  I really am addicted to chocolate *** sad face***
I have done a very little research on natural remedies.
Some of the things that are good for cancer and arthritis are the same: green tea and turmeric. One of my pink sisters is taking Matcha tea (green tea) so I may try that. Lemons are in the news as good for cancer, I do put lemon in my iced tea and water....need to research that more. If I can find natural remedies that are deterrents for both it would be I want to put some more time into researching these subjects.
If any of you have any insight please leave a comment.



  1. Sugar... My other love! I have heard the white granulated kind is bad but I dont know anything about the natural kind I see at the store. I use the pink sweetener but I have heard bad things about it too. I hope we get a conversation going and get some good advice. Thank you Linda!

  2. Linda, Sugar is the enemy...most times. Once I did the Dr. Atkins diet. It said the average American ate 5 pounds total of sugar back in the early part of the 1900' the average American eats 32 or more 5 pounds bags worth of sugar. Some eat way more. If you like to see how much sugar that is look at the sugar shelf in the grocery, there may not even be 32 bags on the shelf...well that is a lot of sugar. I have a sweet tooth I go thru diets of giving it up.... it never last forever though. Sad. Bless you , hope your Easter is filled with flowers not candy. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  3. Sounds like you have been on quite a journey with your cancer. I hope the future holds some promise. I understand knee pain. Like you I have arthritis and baker cysts. (also torn meniscus) Seems nothing eases the pain. I live on lemon water here. Always have a mason jar full of it by my side throughout the day. I was happy to hear about the health benefits of it from you. From my experience it's easier to forgo the chocolate once the holidays are behind you and warmer weather arrives. Thanks for stopping by my blog. HAPPY EASTER.

  4. I love sugar/chocolate too much! Maybe we all can find new ways to get the "sweet" in our diet without it being the bad sugar!
    Easter Blessings!

  5. Do a search "sugar and pain".