Monday, April 13, 2015

3 Cards and Birthday People

Here are some of the cards I made at today's stamp a long by Carolee. She has one every month, 5 cards for $7. I try to go every month, it's about the only stamping I do.

It might be hard to tell, but the one in the middle has balloons on it. I think I covered up the balloon ends. I couldn't post my favorite one, because it is going to my sister for her birthday later this month.

Finally a nice day today, but I wasn't able to get outside. When I got home from stamping I wanted to finish 2 cards for my great radiology nurses and then it was time to make dinner. I attempted (my first) to make a shepherd's pie, low sodium.  I think I will be eating alone b/c Kev took grandson J for a haircut, no one else has time too ....and he can hardly see b/c of his long bangs. They usually stop at Dairy Queen after haircuts.

Here he is with his Godmother on saturday. He'll be 10 on wednesday, I don't dare tell you how old Deb turned on Sunday.

If the good weather holds out I want to get a few things done outside tomorrow afternoon.

Have a wonderful week!!!!

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  1. Five cards for $7.00 what a deal and how fun! Plus nice cards. Sweet photo of Deb with her Godson.