Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Week So Far

Saturday I invited my step-daughter and step-son and their families for dinner. Mistake? I had been feeling pretty tired of late. Too late, the day must go on. saturday morning Kev was up early and did some cleaning and I completed my grocery shopping in slow motion. Jessica, Chuck, and Kev helped get my simple meal cooked and on the table.  SS and his 3 boys did not show up but 2 other friends did. We had a nice visit and I felt good that day. Michele helped me clean up afterward. I could not have done even a simple dinner without everyone's help.
one of the kids usually pulls out Twister
Sunday I did not feel so good and almost feel asleep right before I had to pick J up from Sunday school. 
Monday I had a doctor appointment,chemical stress test and another test that I can't think of now. I spent most of the day at the hospital so when I got home it was time for a nap. Whatever they injected me with made me so nauseous that I got up twice during the night to take my anti-nausea pills.
Tuesday I had more tests, one was done right away....the other.....was over booked and I waited for over an hour. A LONG time when you don't feel good. Since I can not walk very far I've had to ask for a wheel chair, if you know me you know that I do not like asking people to do things for me. I also met with the radiology oncologist. After another LONG day at the hospital I came home and took a nap. 
Today I had a breathing test. I'm breathing, does that mean I passed??? At one point I coughed and that stopped the test. The technician gave me an albuterol inhaler and I did that part over. The inhaler did make me feel better for a while. I do have some housework to do today......before nap-time? or after?
Tomorrow I have 2 doctor appointments. I can't wait to see what the cardiologist has to say about my heart and to find out if it is safe to have surgery on Monday.
I also can't wait until I have more to write about other than doctors and such stuff. 


  1. I sure do pray you will feel better soon and your surgery goes well. My husband is recovering from radiation treatments and chemo and also has COPD. I have a time getting him to use his oxygen when we go out.Have a better last half of the week,Linda.


  2. Linda- I am so like you. I hate to ask anyone to do anything for me. I am so sorry that you are feeling weak and that you are tired all the time. It is too bad, too, that whatever they gave you makes you nauseous. You are right-there is nothing worse than waiting when you feel so sick.

    Bless you- you are in my prayers. xo Diana

  3. I know how difficult it is for you but just accept all the help you can get. I am hoping that you are passing all those tests you are taking! Hugs!