Friday, October 17, 2014

Doctors, Nurses, and Tests, Oh My!

Well, I said I was worried...........
I have started a round of doctor visits and tests. Yesterday morning I took my SS to the dentist, in the afternoon I had a dr appointment (with more blood-work), and after dinner I had a CT scan. Have you ever had one of those? It's quick and easy, dye is injected into a has a warm feeling and you feel like you peed your pants. The dr asked me to wait for the results (she was looking for a blood clot). I waited over an hour. They had a really busy day and were working late. Sadly, because of that, I had to back out of a school function that I promised my grandsons I'd attend. The scan showed fluid around my heart so we have a new concern. It was most likely caused by the Herceptin. 
Thank goodness I have good veins....I got needle pokes in both arms.
The only good news I can think of is that I will not have a Herceptin treatment on Monday.....or is that good news? I'll have more blood work and see my oncologist Monday. I have a lot of questions for him. Later I'll have a stress test. Since I am unable to walk on the treadmill it will be chemical test.  I can't wait. NOT!!!
Tuesday I'll have an ECHO and a resting scan of my heart. I also have an appt with the radiologist. 
Wednesday I have a breathing test scheduled.
Thursday I see the cardiologist. 
Will I be able to do nothing on friday???? Let's hope so!!!
Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Linda, that is a LOT going on in a short time. But, just look at it this way- a week from now all those tests and procedures will be behind you and you can begin to move forward into a treatment plan of some sort. I guess that would be the silver lining in the there IS one. I am really sorry you have to deal with all this , Linda. Hang in there- xo Diana

  2. Oh my...your title fits perfectly! Bless your many tests and procedures. You feel free to cry on our shoulders anytime! I pray your week of appointments goes well. Hopefully you can do nothing Friday or something you WANT to do...:)

    Hugs, Vicky

  3. Hugs! The CT is weird lol! I am so very sorry you have to go through all this. Your post made me cry, remembering... it will be okay. ..

  4. I sympathize with you having to take all those tests. I do hope the news will be good after all the tests. My granddaughter has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she will have a mastectomy (probably double) in the next three weeks. The lumpectomy last week did not get it all, and it has spread. She is only 41 with childlrlen 9 and 11, so this is hard on all the family.
    Please pray for her, as I am praying daily for you. Her name is Laura. God bless you as you go through all these tests. Hugs.
    Sarah Stainback

  5. I'm so glad the docs are monitoring you closely but so sorry you are having all these tests and "needle sticks". Will pray the heart fluid resolves itself and that you're very quickly "back on track". God bless and keep you, GF, you WILL get to the other side of this and feel good again. I KNOW it!

  6. I'll pray that you can have a good week and that your test results will be good! I had a CT scan on head this summer..all is fine!