Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wanna Ride On My Roller Coaster?

You probably don't.....neither do I.
Monday was my last chemo and I've gotten a idea of how the week will progress. I figured Tuesday would be good so I ran some errands. Before I even got dressed I called a radio contest and won 2 fish dinners. My girlfriend is picking them up so I am giving her one dinner. Monday and Tuesday I was surprised with some gifts. Thanks for thinking of me!
At the thrift store I found a white lab coat for my grandson's Halloween costume. 
I picked up $40 from the consignment store (that was a pleasant shock). The mailman brought me some goodies. I even got some stuff accomplished at home, yes, it was a good day. 

Then Wednesday came along......I had a tired, bad, cranky, emotional day. Glad it is over. 

I guess I slept good last night. Anyway I got up late today and decided to work on my project life h*** with the dishes (for now). But......I couldn't print the photos I needed, I'm out of ink. I am NOT getting dressed and going out today, maybe tomorrow.  On to plan B. Yup, it's up and down. 

My stomach is telling me to eat, but nothing appeals to me....gotta eat tho. The metallic taste in my mouth is returning :-(  .....let's hope my nasty canker sore does't get worse.

Yes, it will get better!!! Next week I'll start to feel least I hope so, I have lots of appointments, including a consultation with the surgeon. In the meantime I will try to listen to my body and take it easy.......and fighting with everything I have. 

I have been dragging some of my friends along on this roller coaster ride with me.....and I know 'it ain't fun'.

I sure hope my wall-eye dinner is tasty tonight!!!!


  1. I'll ride the roller coaster with you, Linda. I am so glad that your last treatment is behind you. Now you have surgery coming up I think? Hopefully, you can have that done and put this whole phase of life behind you. You deserve some good times for a change.

    Enjoy your fish dinner. Maybe you will feel hungry by the time the dinner is delivered. I bet I know who's bringing that to you....Does her name begin with a D?;>)

    Have a good weekend, Linda. You are almost home free with this treatment thing. xo Diana

  2. I'm in!! Or should I say, "I'm ON!!!"
    Glad you had a good day! They will get better.
    Remember that John Denver song? Some days are diamonds. Some days are stone!

  3. Yes, listen to your body. It's been with you longer than the doctor has. Most of them have God-syndrome. Having worked in the medical field most of my adult life, I saw it all the time. Get some rest when you can. Prayers for you as you look toward the future.

  4. Roller coasters are better with friends! You are doing an amazing job with a difficult task. I hope you are feeling well enough for your appointments so you don't have to feel like you are pushing to get to them. Hugs!

  5. Cancer has taken me on a wild roller coaster ride too! It's amazing how our emotions go up and down and sneak up on us when we're least prepared isn't it? Thank you for your comment on my post about seasons. I would be honored if you liked it to your blog :) feel free to email me any time thanks, Linda