Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Always Something

I had a different post in mind for today but a phone call I received this morning changed my mind. My surgeon's nurse called this morning to give me the results of my EKG. I have an irregular heartbeat, I knew that but my on oncologist wasn't concerned so neither was I. Last week I took my BP on one of those machines at the drug store and my pulse was 103. I don't really feel my heart racing....maybe I don't want to? I do know that I get out of breath very easily....I am even more out of shape than normal. Now I am afraid to even start walking.

But that's not all folks.....I have an enlarged heart too. Now you might understand why I had another crying spell this morning. The nurse who called me didn't seem too concerned, but that's her job. I am seeing my regular Dr to get a release for surgery, so maybe it is nothing to worry about. In my weakened state I just can't help but to worry. I wasn't referred to a cardiologist I guess that's good.

This is the 2nd serious health issue I've had. When I was in my 30's I was involved in an auto accident and broke my femur. Somehow I ended up with a blood clot and in ICU taking morphine. I was hospitalized for 5 weeks. This is no lie: the nurses at the hospital I was in told my mother that often red heads can be/have unusual things happen. They kind of equated red heads with a full never know what's going to happen. Is that what's going to happen now?

I guess I better get my questions in order.
Thanks for your support!


  1. Don't worry, Linda. Lots of people have enlarged hearts and they don't do a thing about it. Your heart rate can be pretty easily controlled if need be. Just stay in the moment and ry not to worry too much!

    That is really weird about the nurse saying that. I have never heard that and we have a family full of redheads, too. lol

    Have a good worry-free night. xo Diana

  2. We also have a family full of redheads (see my latest post) and I HAVE heard that, but nothing serious has ever been an issue and I think that will be the case with you as well. I can understand your jitters but the fact that the dr's are aware of all this means there won't be any surprises. ((HUGS))

  3. I have never heard that about redheads!! Our little Trystan is the only family member with red hair here!
    Yes, it IS always something! Hang in there!! This will 'come to pass' - it has not come to STAY!!

  4. Logan has a red beard. Does that count?LOL. So sorry Linda. Extra prayers, this just sucks!!!!! <3

  5. Well, I have brown hair, and you know my history! Continued prayers for you and your health!

  6. Linda, I am seeing my oncologist next week so I also have been compiling the questions. I know you've read my blog you know what chemo did to my health. All I can say is,3 months post chemo I am feeling better! I still have the problems they still slow me down but I am getting better! The faster I get from chemo the better I get. So will you! We will get better. .. and it is okay to cry and is okay to be scared (for a little while) lol! Hugs! !!