Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Good Mail Day

I love getting mail, always have. As a kid I wrote letters to my grandma, 2nd grade teacher, and several pen pals. I continued pen paling as an adult. I still exchange cards and letters with a few people (but not very often any more). Since I seldom send out good mail I seldom get any in return. .....but yesterday was a good day. I received a letter from my sister, a check, and a large can of WD-40. .....and the box with the WD-40 was filled with the water soluble packing peanuts (good for the grands to play with).

Why would I be so happy about a can of WD-40? I had a small can of it that stopped spraying and it was 3/4 full, so I was quite unhappy about that. I contacted the company on facebook (I guess it is good for something) and someone got in touch with me and I ended up with a free, large can. The small can I had just stopped working. I find that if you complain, nicely, you often get good results......not always, but more often than not.

I also picked up 2 gift certificates that I won from a radio show I listen to at work. I hate it when I'm at work and the phone rings or someone comes in and I can't listen to the tuesday call in contest......don't they know I need to hear the question so I can call in and win???? One of these days I have to take inventory of my gift certificate and use them :-)

.....speaking of rubbing alcohol (I was in my previous post)....... It looks like I'll need to replenish my supply because I found another use for it. My tomato plants are full of whiteflies so I found a remedy online: Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol, 5 parts water, and 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap and spray plants. I just tried it last night, so give me several days and I'll let you know how it worked.

Why is it easier for me to get up at 5 on my day off than at 5:30 on a work day? I think it's because it is my choice to get up early.........I really don't like being told what to do, never did.

Hope you are having a great week!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cleaning A Microfiber Chair

A while back I picked up a light colored microfiber glider, with an ottoman, for a reasonable price at the thrift store. My grandson loves it and sits in it often. The ottoman was getting stained... All my grandkids are gone I am trying to put the house back in order and that was one thing on my list. I remembered reading something about cleaning microfiber on facebook. So I did what I usually do - I googled it, and found directions HERE. I just sprayed the cushions with alcohol and scrubbed with a white towel. The ottoman looks great! One water spot on the seat cushion came out too. I am so pleased! No, I didn't pay a lot for the chair, but that's the whole point - to have something decent for a cheap price - not to be able to throw it out and buy new. I also used my new super duper wood glue to glue the loose dowel back in. I purchased the wood glue so I could put a dresser drawer  back together. I asked hubby to do it......but he didn't make the time and the whole drawer fell apart and he said "It's junk.". The dresser is not a piece of quality furniture, but it's what we have. On day I got some small nails/tacks and nailed and glued the drawer back together. (patting myself on the back) The dresser is in our spare bedroom and is nice to have. One day we won't need it or will get something different but I am glad I was able to save it. I am cheap frugal.

It's hot and sticky here but I am not complaining b/c before we know it we'll be in the throes of winter.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Couple Garage Sale Finds

I haven't been to many garage sales this year, but here are some of the things I picked up earlier this month. The miniature Noah's Ark picture, figurine that opens/closes, and the ornament. My downstairs bathroom has a Noah's Ark theme. 

 And these 2 Christmas postcards, this one is old the other one is new.
I have a plan for them. 

 I got everything for $2.

I haven't been posting because my 10 year old granddaughter has been here all week. A couple of days my grandsons were here too. I've been super busy!!! There will be photos in a few days. She's going home tomorrow.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Wouldn't this be a great focal point for my garden? It probably won't happen, but I can dream!

Ever since I have made the decision to retire in the spring my mindset has changed drastically! When the alarm goes off in the early morning for work I know I won't be getting up forever and this will be my last summer to work. When I am at the thrift store I am not that interested in clothing, after all when I am retired I will wear more 'comfortable' clothing and it won't matter if I wear the same outfit 4 times during the week at home. Yesterday I went to Kohl's to use my $10 off anything over $10 certificate. I found the new bra I needed and then picked up some shirts for the men in my life. None of the women's clothes, jewelry, or purses caught my eye. Don't get me wrong - I am not going to stop shopping, I am just going to be more thoughtful. 

I believe I will actually clean, rip the wallpaper out of the bathroom and spare bedroom, and paint said rooms. Woo hoo! I want to work in my sparse flower gardens. I enjoy being a homemaker, does anyone use that term anymore??? I'll be able to have my friends over for coffee and conversation just for the heck of it. If I want to take the grandkids to an event I can, if I want to join one of my frends in a activity I'll be able to. I'll probably even cook for my hubby!?! If I want to take the day off to read I CAN.

Did ya get it??? I am REALLY looking forward to retiring.

Yesterday I took a day of vacation to take my grandson to the end of summer activity at the library, mom doesn't do that sort of stuff. Today I am taking both of my grandsons to play with their cousin in Oshkosh. We don't see much of Mackenzie and one of the boys didn't make it to her BD party earlier this month. I'd rather stay home and get the spare bedroom cleaned up for Ava's visit next week....but I promised and when I say I will do something I HATE to renege.

One more day of work and then it's a week of V A C A T I O N.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bargain Shopping

I haven't posted many of my thrifty finds lately so here are some of my latest items. I haven't stopped at many garage sales this summer....I don't need anything and am trying to clean things out....but I have found a few things I 'need'. 
I found this Creative Memories cutting set for $5! The blades came with it (and also some blades for a different paper cutter that I actually own.) The cutting mat was not included but I have one. 

 This brooch/pin was $1.95 and on clearance for 30% off. It may become part of another necklace.

This strainer was part of a bag of things that I paid $8 for. A friend has one and I've wanted one, but not that badly that I'd buy one. The handles pull out to fit over your sink.

 This jewelry bag was also in my $8 bag. It's of sturdy nylon construction and a hard bottom.
 ....and lots of pockets on the inside.

I found these 2 glass garden flowers (with stakes) for $10 each at a garage sale across from work. This one is for a friend (who doesn't read my blog). Her birthday was last month........and either she has  been gone or we have been too busy. I need to get it to her this month!!!

I'm keeping this one. I have a yellow one but will put this one in a different location.

I have also been picking up DVDs for my hubby who will be traveling again for work. I will only pay $2 because he's not sure if they'll come home with him. I picked up some pretty dessert plates....I want to have friends over for coffee/tea....if I can find the time. Today I'll look for something that I need to make a craft project with my granddaughter (for her mom's BD) bt I can't say what my plan is (in case my daughter reads this).

These are just a few of my latest finds..........I'm off today b/c this afternoon I am taking my grandsons to the end of summer party at the library.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Shanty Days

Sunday's adventure was Algoma Shanty Days craft sale. I don't get to go every year because sometimes my grandkids birthday parties take precedence. Our granddaughter's birthday is Aug 8 and our grandson's birthday is the 9th. But Deb and I made it this year. 
We arrived about 11 AM  and decided to have lunch at our favorite deli early so we'd beat the rush. We just walked around and looked at the items for sale....lots of jewelry....and Deb looked at it all. I don't wear much jewelry, have a ton of it, and will even need less of it after I retire next year. Neither one of us purchased much, but we had fun looking!

There is always stuff for the Packer or Badger fans. 

This house is for birds and bees. 
 Tutus and frilly things for the girls.
 I am wondering if the birds would be afraid of this bird feeder made from aluminum cans. What do you think?
 Colorful tie dye clothing. For the hard to buy for guy, they had bright colored tie dyed 'tighty-whiteys'.You know what is even funnier??? This morning at the thrift store I found some tie dyed 'tighty-whiteys'. Ya never know what you'll find at the thrift store!

Finally a day off, I did have a lazy morning. This afternoon I am off to the Stamp-a-long and then getting my hair cut. I've decided to make a good dinner for my hubby....for a change. Hopefully I'll find time to get a little bit of housework done. Wish me luck!!!

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm So Tired That I Just Want To Stay Home One Day And Sleep

....but that is not going to happen. Today I went to the Clintonville Fireman's Festival parade. I had a birthday party for one of my grandson's in the afternoon and my sister wanted me to come up early to see her son march in the parade. So I did.

My grandson was here and we left about 9 so we could get there and find a spot by 11 AM. We did, it was nice and even getting quite warm as the sun tried to peek out. While we were sitting and waiting for the parade to start I see a man, with a big smile, walking toward us.....our cousin. He talked to us for a while, was nice to see Matt. 
The parade was in Clintonville, home of the FWD, famous (in it's day) for building fire trucks. Hence, there are lots of fire trucks in the parade....lots of old ones. 

 The kids had their bags and scurried for candy. They got LOTS of candy....and popcorn, a book, bottles of water, a can cozy, freeze pops, cheese curds, pens. I have never seen so much stuff given out in a parade......the population of Clintonville is only about 4,000. It was over an hour long, VERY nice parade!
 You have your old cars.
 Of course there are marching bands.
 My nephew, playing the brand new 'quints' (5 drums). My sister is very blessed that he is such a good kid. 
 The unexpected - by a beauty salon.
 And last, but not least, the horses.  After all, this is rural WI. 

As grandon J said, We did everything we had planned for today and stopped in a thrift store as a bonus. (more about that later) We stopped at my sister's to see her various fruit trees and see my mom's cat (my grandson wanted to visit him). Then we stopped at another grandson's birthday party (the 2nd one in a week-more about that later too) and lastly we visited my mom's grave. 
I have been so busy lately; either I am working for gone for the whole day. Oh, I'm enjoying all the activities....but I a tired....I want to sleep in and not HAVE a thing to do.....but that won't happen for a couple of weeks yet. Tomorrow I am off on another adventure!!!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Flying Pig

Oh yes! There is such a thing as a flying pig, and she resides in a small down in Door County (Algoma) Wisconsin. After our cherry picking adventure we stopped at an antique (ie-expensive thrift store). We looked around a bunch of old, too expensive (for us) items and headed for home. 
Have you ever been to the Flying Pig, Carolee? "No? Ok, we should stop and look around a bit." It's right on our way & I haven't been there for years.

It was so much fun to look around with someone who's never been inside, or outside for that matter.
There all kinds of neat stuff to look at. I can not imagine how some people can be so creative and upcycle 'junk'. The bracelet below is made from watch faces. The green bracelet below it is made from old, colorful brooches. I love, love, love it!!!
We saw jewelry made from bicycle chains, bobbins, other old jewelry, etc.

How cute is this guy made with a ViewMaster....I have 2 of those but my sculpture would never look that good, even if I copied it exactly. 

There is a pretty garden area with lots of garden art.

Here's another 'what is it?' brown, star shaped seed pods.....

Metal and marble cattails by the pond.

The 'tree' in the foreground is silver, we couldn't see the price. There's a picture of my posing by it....but I was too tired to fool with all of the pics Carolee send me...sorry!

More garden the colorful fence...I don't think my neighbor will let me paint the brand new fence he put up. It is a pretty background for my garden though.

You can sit inside in this fun artful area to have a hot or cold drink.

Old record albums are not just for melting into dishes!!!

Even chairs can be art.

More sculptures from old metal objects. Old shoe horns make good ears....too bad I need mine to get my shoes on.
The view from upstairs. Many artists sell their wares here; beautiful items. Pottery, jewelry, soap, paintings, and so much more.

Don't know what to do with that old, unused musical instrument???
Turn it into art and try to sell it for big bucks.

 Just some of the art in the garden.

We were on a road trip, so of course I had to use the bathroom before we left. And we timed our visit right because just as we were about to leave a bus pulled in.

Yup, even the bathroom walls were filled with art.

I have lots more photos.. (thanks Carolee) but I was just too tired to download them now. 
Ya never know, more could show up at a later date.

These are just a few more of the garden.

There is even a sandy, play area for the children.

If you are ever in the area, stop in! You'll love just looking and oohing and ahhing over the great things imaginative people can make. We had a good time snapping photos and seeing the amazing art on display. I purchased an iced chai and Carolee got a cookie. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Jonalee's Excellent Adventure

 My good friend asked if I wanted to go cherry picking in Door County. "Sure, I've never gone cherry picking", I said. Her daugher, Jonalee, is not working right now and wanted to go. Last night the weatherman was predicting cold and rainy weather......what to wear??? I did NOT want to get up this morning. We left at 8:30AM so we could meet Jonalee & Nathan at 9:30.

 The weather was actually perfect: no hot sun beating down on us, a slight breeze every now and then, and the light rain started just as we finished picking.
I had to take a break to pose for my 'photo shoot'.

My plan was to pick one pail for myself.....such was NOT Jonalee's plan. She is a lot like her mother. We picked 11 pails, it was buy 10 and get the 11th one free. I am not sure how many pails I picked because before I could get my 2nd pail full someone would come around and empty it into Jonalee's & Nathan's pail.  Hmmmm....

Kinda reminded me of my old drinking days......a person would say "This is my last beer, I'm leaving when it's gone". Someone would keep filling the glass up and it would take a long time before it was empty. It was just the opposite with my never got full a second time so I could quit.
In spite of working harder than I anticipated, cherry juice running down my arm, and sticky hands the time went fast and we had fun. We laughed and joked around, Jonalee is just as sassy as I am. Cherry pie is her favorite (and mine too) and she is making pie filling with her 9 pails of cherries. I told her I would gladly take a homemade pie for my efforts to help fill their pail.....I don't think it's going to happen though. Oh well, such is life. 

As we were packing the cherries into the coolers and trying to get some of the sticky off of our hands Jonalee comments "Wasn't this an excellent adventure?" I guess it was, it was something new. 
The adventure continues on our way be come back in a day or 2.

I was able to find my cherry pitter.....but for right now and until tomorrow night I'll be spitting the pits out. I am sooooooooo tired and have a basket of clothes waiting to be folded. After that it's bedtime for me!

Hope your week is off to a great start!!!