Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

I know I have been MIA of late, but we were thrown for a loop recently (with my mother's passing-read my previous post).

  • Even though life is returning to 'normal', and my mother was not nearby, nor did I speak to her everyday, there is still a sadness in knowing I can't call her or visit her anymore. I know I will be reunited with her and other immediate family members one day.
  • My house needs attention SO BADLY but I am going on a weekend scrapbooking retreat. I was anxious to get a lot of scrapping done but now I just want to get away.
  • My bff and I are leaving mid-morning tomorrow, it's a 2 hour drive and we plan to make a couple of stops along the way. One to 3" of snow is predicted for the drive....but I guess I can handle it....after all, I do live in WI. Earlier this week we had ice, ice is NOT good :-(
  • God gave us good roads to travel on when we went to see my mom in the hospital :-)
Hopefully I will have some scrapbook pages to share when I get back and my energy will return.

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  1. Hi Linda~Sorry about your mom. Have fun with the scrapbooking weekend tho!