Monday, February 25, 2013

Scrapbooking Weekend

This past weekend my friend and I attended a scrapbooking weekend at Pine Lake Camp , a rural location 2 hours away from us. We woke up to several inches of snow and windy conditions. Should we go or stay home? That was my dilemma because I was driving............after pressuring hubby for an answer he said we should probably not go. So I looked up road conditions on the internet (gotta love it!) and listed to the weather report. My 'educated' guess was to go: it was going to stop snowing by the time we planned to leave, the plows would be out, and the road conditions were only snow covered, no mention of slippery and no accidents had been reported. And I really wanted to go, I hate changing my plans. We left on schedule with several people saying "You're nuts!" Sheesh, people, it's winter in Wisconsin. The road conditions were not bad but I drove slower than I would normally, did not utilize cruise control, and stayed mainly in the driving lane. There was only one incident on the country road where I fishtailed for a bit....and it was my fault because I was fiddling with the radio and strayed a bit from the main trail on the road. I just let the car get straightened out by itself and that was that!  Five minutes later we were there! To all the naysayers "I told ya so!"

 The chapel is beautiful.  I've been to several camps in northern WI, but not this one. We were the first to arrive, that was our plan. We wanted to stop at a couple of thrift stores on the way, but with the weather the way it was we decided to drive straight through and maybe stop in the town nearby the camp. We did stop at Goodwill and for lunch before heading to the camp.

The view as we left our building for the short walk to the cafeteria....where FABULOUS food was served. It was nice to get out in the fresh air, temps were in the 30's and that was our only get away from hunching over our scrapbooking tables.We received an upgrade therefore we slept in 'real' beds with bedding and towels provided. It seemed luxurious! Several bedrooms surround the main room where we did our scrapbooking. The event was hosted by a Creative Memories consultant who had several tools there for us to use. I used the Cricut a little bit, but to be honest, it's too much work for me. Yes, you can create some wonderful things for your scrapbook, but first you have to search to find what you want to use, then you have to cut it out, including all the different layers. Maybe I'm lazy, but I'll just buy stickers! Another gal at the retreat feels the same way I do.

I love going to camp!

  • no cooking & the food served is WONDERFUL
  • no make up
  • no hair do
  • no jeans
  • no bedtime
  • no household tasks
  • no set schedule (except for meals)
  • new friends
  • it's just relaxing :-)

I finished my St Louis scrapbook, except for some journaling I will add. I started writing a couple of things about my mom that I want to add to a scrapbook I have for her. We made a wonderful pocket page (I'll post that soon). There were drawings for prizes, I didn't win but my bff won a big prize.

We left around noon and found a new liquidator to stop at in Waupaca where we picked up some inexpensive scrapbooking supplies. If you are not a scrapbooker you need to know that most scrapbookers LOVE paper. We had a late lunch at Olive Garden in Appleton and then stopped at Goodwill so bff could return some jeans that she bought on friday but didn't try on. Of course we each found a few things there to bring home.

After I hauled all my stuff in I read my mail and decided to sort my background papers by color. I need to buy something to store them in so I now have stacks of paper all over my living room (until I can get to Hobby Lobby tomorrow).

It was a great weekend! We are already planning on going to one in the fall.


  1. Sounded like a fabulous time, and the photos look so cold, brrrrr!

  2. It was a beautiful weekend. Kind of wish I would have tried to ski.