Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Weekend Is Over

First I want to thank you for the comments and emails. I was feeling down and like I didn't matter; I think we all feel like that at sometime(s), and maybe especially so as we get older. I could go on and on about the reason why.....who knows, it may be a future post.

Saturday I was feeling lazy and spent some time on the computer. My back started hurting so that contributed to my laziness. Our grandson came over early in the afternoon, putting the kibosh on any major project I might want to do. My back just felt worse as the day went on. I put an ice pack on it for a while and used the heating pad in bed for a short time.

I hoped it would be better in the morning, but I felt worse. Hubby took our grandson to Sunday school (my job) and grandson J was so helpful....he'd pick up things from the floor or bottom of the pantry that I couldn't get at. Even though it's Superbowl Sunday in the US we didn't have plans: 1) hubby doesn't really have close friends, nor do we as a couple and, 2) I couldn't care less about football. I think sports are great and kids should be involved in something, but it's not for me. The ice pack was my friend again today.

By mid-afternoon grandson J and I finished playing our LONG game of monopoly (my least favorite game) and my back was finally feeling better. I'm so glad, I feel like it was a totally wasted weekend and I am tried of sitting in front of the TV and computer. I didn't accomplish a single thing....unless you count playing MANY games of Words with Friends.

I have a busy week ahead:

  • starting Bible study
  • Red Hat meeting/dinner
  • book club
  • Dr appointment
  • dentist appointment
It's a good thing I only work 2 days this week!

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