Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Husband leaves on a jet plane to sunny, warm Houston TX, while wife stays in gloomy WI to babysit and move. .....something about that just doesn't seem right to me! No, I'm not moving but helping my sister in law move. That's hard work, even though I do more cleaning than moving boxes of stuff. Hubby left this morning for Houston for work, he'll be gone all week. Actually our weather hasn't been bad, no major snow storms and none predicted for the near future. Yesterday I helped move all day, like I said, I did some cleaning (cupboards-seems to be my specialty) and organizing of things (in the basement). It was a very sunny, spring-like day, I only had on a sweat shirt over my t-shirt and was comfortable.....except when I was in SIL's house alone packing up her curio cabinets.........I was worried sick that her hubby would come home early from work and find me. He knows she's moving but the night before he eavesdropped on our telephone conversation and and had plenty of cuss words to call me after we hung up.....and all I said was that he should have stepped up and helped discipline their son. There are several member of his family that have ADHD but he blames it all on SIL's parenting.....well, then why didn't he help her????
Our grandson was over last night, took him to Sunday School today, we made a candle for mom for Valentines Day, and had my nephew over in the afternoon to play so SIL could do some more packing. Both boys and I did another craft, we made a t-paper core caterpillar. Now that the boys are older and on ADHD meds they get along pretty good. When Michele came to pick up her son I heated up some leftovers and we had dinner. Then my DIL came to pick up my grandson, she NEVER comes in, just sends her older son it to get J.......Guess I was just crabby with all that is going on and when I walked out to the car I couldn't even say Hi to her or the baby. GRRR my bad behavior, I know........but.....Everyone was gone by 6:45 but I still have dishes to wash, a kitchen floor to sweep, and 2 HEAPING baskets of clothes to fold. I'd really like to watch some TV and read for a bit too.
Tomorrow I have to house sit for a delivery SIL is expecting in the morning. After that I am sure I will offer to help in the afternoon too. She needs to be out tomorrow!!! Too darn hard to stay there with all the stress.
It's always something....the week hubby is gone and I only work Tuesday and Wednesday I am busy with SIL, well, I know she'd do the same for me..... My dust bunnies will wait for me. Tonight I am tired!!!
Here's hoping your week is great!

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  1. You're a good SIL to her, even when it puts you in a difficult emotional spot.