Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Let's Make A Deal"

Do you make deals with yourself? If I do this, then I can get that? If I get rid of this I can buy that? What I do is: 'if I get this cleaned then I can play'....but many times I do not come through with the first part of the deal. On Tuesday evening at our Red Hat meeting we played LET'S MAKE A DEAL and we played fair. (more about that later) The February hostesses had the table set up so pretty, and many of the gals brought cards and goodies for everyone. I had good intentions to do so, but with helping my SIL move I just ran out of time and 'steam'. Monday was a 12 hour moving day for me. ....oh, I digress.....We have secret sisters in our Red Hat group and look what mine gave me for Valentine's day!!!!

Gotta love the dark chocolate Bliss! That chocolate 'cupcake' is 3 ounces of chocolate fudge....and I just had my annual doctor visit and was informed that I NEED to watch my sugar levels and cholesterol. Guess I will eat in moderation. My secret sister knows what I like :-)

Many years ago I visited Hollywood with the hope of getting on the LET'S MAKE A DEAL program.....but none of us made it on. Tuesday night there was no auditioning, we were all automatically in the game. I was prepared with a bag of 'stuff' and won the the first prize with the toothbrush I pulled out of my bag. That made me the first contestant for a chance at one of the bags. I KNEW which one I wanted and took bag #1 with out hesitation.

And the prize inside was just what I was hoping for................a TP tag book. Joyce is so talented and made such a nice prize. Since I didn't get to be TV I had to do my best and jumped around and screamed like I was on camera. We all had fun....even the gal who got ZONKED with the pregnancy test.

I'm really glad we weren't playing the way we do with our white elephant gifts at Christmas because the gal whose turn was after mine wanted bag #1 also.


  1. That sounds like it would have been totally fun. COngrats on being number 1. hee hee
    ~Naila Monn

  2. I'm glad you had fun. Think I am influenced by Mom who watches so many game shows...LOL!

  3. I can understand the competition for bag #1. It's beautiful. Good luck resisting the chocolate!