Monday, February 20, 2012

New Toys

The Today's Special value on HSN (shopping channel) a couple of weeks ago was the We R Memory Keepers Lucky 8 punches. I love to watch the craft/scrapbooking shows and only buy something once or twice a year. I like to see what's new. The punches are huge. (See Stampin' up punch for compairison). It takes only 8 punches (hence lucky 8) to transform a 12 X 12 sheet of paper into a fancy die cut scrapbook paper. Each punch can be used to make 3 different page styles, depending on which cuts you are using.

All you do is line the paper up (see the right corner above) and punch the corners. The bottom design is the retro dots one. This is only one of the 3 was to use that punch. Another way is to punch the dots and the whole circle with a scallop design.

On the paper below I had all 3 settings set to on. I think I'd prefer this one without the flowers around the edge. ....and I can do just that if I want, on plain paper or patterned....the PERFECT paper for my layout.

And, of course, it can be incorporated into card making also. I used 12 X 12 papers above, if you use a smaller size you get a whole different design. Wanna play?

My favorite toys of late are punches and of cousre PAPER!!!! What are yours?

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  1. Oh, boy, you are gonna have some fun scrap booking for a few days!!