Saturday, February 18, 2012

the Book Nook

Guess I'll continue on the reading/book thread........... I belong to a book club with some fun loving ladies, we drink wine, laugh, and even discuss the books we read. Many months ago one of the gals suggested ONE FOR THE MONEY, by Janet Evanovich, it's suppose to be hilarious. I had never read any of her books so have been keeping my eyes open for her books.....finally I found some, starting with #3 though. I could never find the first book in that series....not on Overdrive and nor at my public library. Some one mentioned that the Book Nook would probably have it so I finally stopped there on my lunch hour (it's about 4 blocks from where I work). The Book Nook is quite unassuming from the outside, just the bottom floor of a house. I was a bit worried that she wouldn't have it because the movie has been playing locally the past 2 weeks (and maybe others were interested in reading it) but the shop owner found it for me. It wasn't on the shelf but she knew it was in the basement and down she went to get it. Her memory is excellent, she knows where to find just what you're looking for and if she has it in stock. This woman has to be at least 70 years old and is as sharp as a tack! Good for her!!

That place is full of books!......everywhere you look on the first floor and in the basement. There is barely room on the counter to check out. I think she has nearly every book that was ever written. Her prices are not what I am used to paying at the thrift store, but if you want a certain book, like I did, it's worth it.

I got 2 Janet Evanovich books, one by Harlan Coben, and UNCLE TOM'S CABIN (all paperbacks) for $17.63 and she gave me a new, in wrapper, coffee table book about Manitowoc County. It's interesting to those of us who live here.

Come back to read my book reports in a later post.


  1. I LOVE books! and that's a lot of books!

  2. I have read almost all the Janet Evanovich books. I find them to be really funny although lately they are getting to be a bit routine. Try to read them in order though or it can be a bit confusing.

  3. Looks like my kind of place. I pinned this to my Pinterest site if I ever get there some day. :)
    ~Naila Moon