Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Things You Should Know

If anyone has a Kuerig coffee maker I just want you to know that they have great customer service. Mine was a Christmas gift in 2010 and 2 weeks ago, after I used the MyKcup, I could not get the lid to open more than 1/2 way. (It was always a little hard to open and sometimes I had to pull the Kcup housing down manually.) I tried everything short of forcing it to the point of breaking it: cooking spray, WD4o, pleading, threatening, etc; but it would not open. I called the company on Monday and I received a new coffee maker in the mail on Thursday. That is what I call wonderful customer service!!! I only had to return the small, black Kcup holder to them.

If you get arrested you can not make your one collect call to a cell phone.

I just hate all of the extra pages instruction manuals have with the different languages..... I understand that products are sold worldwide...but at least print a separate manual in each language. Our new printer at work has 3 0r 4 manuals. I can just toss or not use the ones I can't read. My new sewing machine has 3 different languages in the same instruction booklet and I am annoyed by having to sort through and read every 3rd paragraph. To be honest I throw out the Spanish and French instructions...what do you do?

If you are purchasing a renewal of Onstar ask for a discount. I did and saved $50. It is more expensive than a stand alone GPS but for me it's probably a better fit. I am usually driving alone and can just call and get directions, an address, or phone number with out taking my hands off the wheel.

The Sally Hanson brand base coat nail polishes that I have are made in the USA. I am not sure if all of their products and colors are.

After my grandson left this afternoon I had a productive couple of hours catching up on some sewing/mending projects. After Christmas I bought an inexpensive, reconditioned sewing machine so I could do some simple sewing projects. Hubby was at work. I toyed with the idea of going to Goodwill but: 1) I don't need anything, need to purge and 2) I'm broke. Two good reasons to stay at home and get something done! It worked! Hope your sunday afternoon turned out just the way YOU wanted it to.

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  1. I am glad you got a new coffee maker so fast!

    I throw out other languages, since I am an English speaking gal,unless, it is for an appliance that is staying with the home, then I keep it in case we move and the next owner might need it?

    I think it is great you can sew, my mom never sewed and I never had the urge to learn, kind of wish I had.