Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Fun Day?

I don't think so...............
I started my day still angry from an email I received last night stating that BIL doesn't want to be in the same room with me so he is 'allowing' his estranged wife to bring their son to my grandson's birthday party. That's cockeyed because he never attended this boy's party before and I think it's just an excuse so he wouldn't have to go this year either. Guess I could back up a bit....earlier I posted that my sister in law was facing a difficult decision as to whether to leave her husband or stay in a house with tension as thick as ice; where she retreated to the bedroom when her hubby was home; and if she spoke to him he just folded his arms, rolled his eyes at her and said nothing; her phone conversations were eavesdropped on; her mail was opened; she received no help with parenting their demanding son; and on and on. One day he told her he was not available to watch THEIR SON and she snapped. She told him she'd look for a different place and he said 'DO IT!!!', so she found an apartment and moved out. So now it's all my fault because I talked her into it.....I can remember telling her to buy the boots cuz they were adorable but have never been able to talk her into cleaning my house or cooking for me, much less taking her son and leaving her home. She's an adult and thinks/prays things through. K is definitely deranged and needs to look in the mirror.....this is his 3rd ex......I don't mind taking the blame for something I did, but I had nothing to do with breaking up his marriage. Any one who saw them together saw the way he treated her and even his own family commented on it. So K "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, ROSES, or whatever other stinky stuff is right under your nose". At first I tried to be understanding because I know it's tough and hurts so I gave him the benefit of a doubt, but now I am angry. Get over it, it's not MY fault!!!! If you want your family back you better change....a LOT!!! The sad part is that K is my hubby's twin brother and is the only one in his family that we do things with, we had lots of good times with K & M.
And the day gets better.............
I have an appointment for a mammogram. Contrary to the popular consensus I don't mind it, I'd take a mammogram over a pap any day!!! The worst part is when they put the pasties on.....the nipple ones have little silver dots........I had plenty of the rings on that they use to denote raised areas on your skin (I am blessed with lots of moles or what ever is the technical term).
When I finished there I stopped at a thrift store to look for some army men for my grandsons. They like to play with them and it's one thing they agree on. I didn't find any.
I still needed to buy a gift for my grandson whose birthday party is Sunday (8) so I ended up at Walmart and found something there. By that time it was 11:30 and I was getting hungry so I called my SIL (whom I knew was job hunting with a friend) and we met for lunch at Applebee's. We all had the same thing: Grilled Shrimp 'n Spinach Salad and Three Cheese Chicken Penne.
We oohed and ahhed over that salad, if you get a chance try it. Neither one of them eat tomatoes so I asked for the salsa that they picked of their pasta. I like lots of sauce and toppings. We had tghe Brownie Bite for dessert, it's yummy....and just the right size.
I had one more place to stop after that, then I came home and started laundry, etc.
So, it wasn't a bad day after all!!! I am not going to let someone else's stupidity ruin my day.


  1. I know how awful family drama can be. It is awful that he is your husband's twin. People always want to blame someone else rather than take the blame themselves or look at themselves. Try to keep a postive attitude. Hard to do I know.

  2. What a day! It's got to be hard to detach from the drama that BIL is creating, but the fact that you went to lunch with SIL is a good sign. Keep truckin.