Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Week in Review

Does your week go as fast as mine does? My mother always said "the older you get the faster the days go" and I certainly agree with her. Monday, my day off, I did laundry and ran errands (my usual Monday M.O.). After a grandchild filled weekend it was nice to have QUIET time to recharge my 'battery'.
I mailed a package to my granddaughter, she bought something for her parents and brother and forgot it here. She is really a sweet girl and was so excited to buy everyone in her family a small gift. I return at item to Goodwill that she purchased but didn't work out. While I was there I picked up these adorable new, cute flats for 1/2 price.

I saw them last week when we were there but decided I didn't need them but when they were 1/2 price on Tuesday (senior day) I scooped them up! I dropped off a few things at a consignment shop and picked up some cash there. One of the Fisher Price toys I was trying to sell (with a radio ad) sold, so that is an extra $10 and some freed up space. The week before I got a 19" TV on freecycle for our spare bedroom (sure beats the 12" that was there) and I bought a DVD player (on sale) for it.....have to hook that up today. My 2 grandsons had 1/2 of school on Thursday and wanted to spend the afternoon with me (I think mom wanted a break) so I picked them up and we stopped at the library where they played really good for quite a while. When I was a kid the library was a revered place-one had to be so quiet, get your books and get out. The boys know you can play with the toys, play a board game or a computer game, read, and check out books, movies, and puppets. On the way home we stopped at the thrift store where they got: Hungry Hungry Hippos, a recorder, a toy crane that works. I talked the 6 year old out getting another baby for my house. The kids love it there because they get free toys. I love it because it makes them happy without costing me a cent. My thoughts of a certain individual who just uses me were reinforced :-( I was actually going to make a good dinner for hubby Friday night but he got home an hour earlier than I expected and he wanted fish...YAY!!!! I have been so hungry for a fish dinner. He just got it to go and we ate at home. About a week ago hubby put a new kitchen faucet in and he moved the K-cup for my Kuerig and I still haven't found it....he says he saw it and didn't throw it away....but since it's something I use he just put it 'somewhere'. DANG
I am disgusted with myself because: I just keep eating and eating and not exercising, my pants are getting tighter. Our spare bedroom desperately needs to be redecorated and I keep stalling, the same goes for the bathroom, laundry room..........hey, every room. :-( I have just been so lazy, I didn't get Christmas cards out and haven't even mailed a hand stamped card to anyone since last fall. My Washington DC scrapbook is still only 1/2 finished and about a zillion others I want to make are not even started. I go to bed early and read or watch TV, although I think that's only a winter thing. I shop too much on my lunch hour. It's too cold to sit at the park and read so I shop, I hope it warms up soon! The library is on the other side of town so by the time I drove there I'd have 15 minutes and then it would be time to leave. I could sit at McDonald's ...NOT!
I have a lot I want to do (key word WANT) so I better shut this down and start my day. I have all the ideas but don't follow through. :-( Tell me I am not the only one........


  1. Love the flats! You ARE a good Grandma! So what if you are being used? The boys will cherish the memories!

  2. You lucked out on the flats! I found a pair of Dexters once in a thrift that someone had stepped out of and left behind for another pair. I paid .99 for them and then found them online for $165.!

    I'll bet your "laziness" will clear up once the seasons change. I agree the boopnut that you are focused on more important things.