Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I do like to shop, have you figured that out yet? Probably...... I didn't do as much shopping for Christmas gifts this year as I have previously done because a lot of people received cash or gift cards from us. I love listening to people and then finding the perfect (in my mind) gift. What's even better is finding it on clearance! I always hit the clearance section first and have my eyes open for gifts for the grand kids all year round. I can shop for a good part of the day all by myself, I wander around and look at all kinds of stuff. Of course I don't do that all of the time, if I'm shopping for a specific event I usually have an idea. I try to keep in mind Senior Discount Day too, every little bit I can save helps. Unfortunately I like to shop for myself too. My favorite place to shop is any thrift store.....even on vacation I shop at thrift stores. I really should cut back on my shopping habit.
Monday morning I met my daughter at a mall 50 miles away to return her daughter to her. We live in a small town and have few stores locally: Walmart, Shopko, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's, Menard's....get the picture? Yes, we do have some nice small shops in the downtown areas.....but often I don't take the time to peruse them. So, guess what? After I dropped my granddaughter off I walked through the mall a bit. When I was younger, single, and thinner I use to LOVE that mall and could spend the whole day there. Now it doesn't interest me that much. I checked out a few stores but the only purchase I made was in Target. Next I stopped at Archiver's (scrapbooking store) for a few things. My Nookcolor needed to be updated and I had some questions about it so I headed over to Barnes and Noble. While in the store you can read free for an hour, so I ate lunch and read for a bit, then wandered around. Like most of the places I stopped at it was busy. I love book stores but seldom get to spend time in one. They have books, music, games, magazines....and more....oh, how I'd love to be able to spend a whole day to look at books and read. I just might like book stores as much as thrift stores, maybe more, because I don't buy books but I surely like to look at what is available...and maybe find something for someone else.
And that's where I like to shop. Some of my habits need to go away though - shopping, chocolate, lack of exercise......
Do you like to shop? What kinds of shops do you like to visit?


  1. I still like thrift stores. Maybe because I don't like the new styles. I went shopping yesterday and I HATED the sweaters. They were made for tall, thin people

  2. Thrift stores just always seem like a treasure hunt to me, as do second hand bookstores. Like you, I tend to shop year round for gifts and try to purchase them on sale.