Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Need Knee Pads and Other Such Nonsense

This year is off to a bad start and I think knee pads might help.......twice this year I have trapped and fallen down onto my knees (is God trying to tell me something?). The first time I was in a strip mall and tripped on my own foot and down on my knees I fell. As fast as I could I shoved things back into my purse (maybe I need to be sure it is zipped shut?), brushed off my pants, and walked onto the store. What was really hurt was my pride.....did the couple that was approaching me see the fall? Later in the week I tripped again and fell onto the ground (good thing I had black jeans on and was able to brush most of the dirt off) right in front of a radio station as I was picking up the gift certificate up that I won. Now I have 2 and I can afford to get my hair cut there or a manicure or????

Ambition and chipperness have been eluding me tree is still up. I just started putting away Christmas decorations yesterday....a slow process. At the same time I am sorting and getting rid of things. Every room, except for our spare bedroom, has boxes in it. Some are going on freecycle, some are donated to the thrift store, and some I have for sale. In fact I sold a crib mattress for my sister in law. Today as I was going through some receipts I found a $10 bill and couldn't figure out what it was for so I put it in my wallet. As I was writing this I remembered it was for my SIL. darn!

I found this article in MORE magazine (Dec 2011-Jan 2012). "Daily shopping cuts a woman's risk for early death by 23%". What do you think of that? Guess I'm going to live a long time, I shop almost daily....don't buy something every day though.

Hope your new year is off to a better start than mine is!!!


  1. I have fallen a couple of times too. My knee is just not the same since. It is terribly embarrassing, but I think most everyone has done it at one time or another.
    I can't seem to get my life together since Thanksgiving. I just cannot get enthused over much. Don't know why either.

  2. I have very conscious about times I fall and even very conscious about near falls, as my mother has had a problem with steadiness as she ages. I even lift up prayers thanking the Creator for the ability to walk.

    That factoid you found in MORE is wonderful!