Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bidding a Sad Farewell

The moon the other morning on my way to work.

No one that I have spoken to (even the 80+ year old gentleman) can remember a winter such as we've had to date-no snow and such mild temperatures. In fact, hubby went golfing the day after Christmas. Yesterday, when I was out and about on my lunch hour, it was sunny and 54 degrees. If I didn't know it was Jan 11 I would have sworn it was a gorgeous spring day! If our winter temperature hovered around 35-45 I wouldn't complain one bit. I'm definitely a fair weather friend. One winter I lived in Colorado Springs, CO. and it wasn't too bad. Seems like after a snowfall we'd get a nice warm day and it would melt a day or 2 later. Today (the day I was going to visit my mother) we are under a winter storm watch and expecting winds and 4-6" of snow. Nothing happening yet but by the time I come home it could be a mess so I've rescheduled my drive for Monday.

See the GREEN grass? That's unheard of in Wi in January but I LOVE it!!!

Ok, here's the before of our won't look like this tomorrow. Guess I'll just be thankful we had this reprieve from real winter weather. Looking on the bright side I see that it is not dark when I leave work (at 4;30) anymore and it IS the middle of January so we have lost almost 2 months of winter weather!!! happy dance-happy dance On the other hand I seem to remember not having spring last I hope this late onset of winter weather does not push summer back!

I FINALLY took the ornaments off the tree last night so today I can take it down and I guess I'll work on purging a few more Christmas decorations and then putting holiday things away. I also need to clean off my table weekend my 11 year old granddaughter and her friend are coming for a long weekend. The girls might want to do some crafts and I need to have a place for them to create.

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  1. Linda--Our snow is already gone. Frankly I've become a little worried about the lack of cold and snow...what will our summers be like, although the lower heating bills are great!