Thursday, December 30, 2010


Thanks to those of you who posted comments or emailed me regarding my last rant! Comments are the life blood of bloggers, we need to know if anyone is reading and if we've touched anyone. I welcome all comments whether they agree or not.

I really did not get excited about Christmas this year, I used to love it. It's the one holiday when I love to have the kids over here and make a big to do....but b/c they have 3 little boys and it's hard to get out of the house on Christmas morning we went to step-son's this year. It was nice.

I was surprised that hubby bought me anything (we just got a new washer [I hate it] & dryer). He gave me a Kuerig coffee maker and microwave. We needed the microwave....the coffee maker I was kinda 'ooohhhh???' (E you were right). I do like it ......I can have a variety of coffee here for guests. It also makes hot chocolate, hot cider, and tea. You can just get hot water in a jiffy too. And I have already googled and figured out how to reuse the filters so I can make the loose tea that I already have. What I don't care for is that it is expensive to use and wasteful....but "never look a gift horse (or hubby) in the mouth" or you may not ever get any other gifts.

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  1. Oh, you know how men are, especially K!...LOL. Love the coffee maker and the washer and move on to 2011!!