Friday, December 17, 2010

Does traction really work?

My back has been really bothering me for several months and the chiropractor hasn't helped so I mentioned it to my DR at my annual visit and she sent me to physical therapy where they determined that my tailbone and pelvis are turned. Yesterday I really hurt so the therapist decided just to do traction. Have you ever had it? The last time I was in traction was in '83 or '84 when I broke my femur......totally different. I laid on a table (just doing that was painful) that comes apart and she put 2 wide 'belts' on me...and the bottom half of the table moved away....all the while I am clutching (tightly) the kill switch. It lasted only for 5 minutes. My comment while this was happening was 'interesting' and it was. My back does feel better..........we'll see how long this lasts. It still hurts if I twist my body and I have my exercises and more physical therapy to complete.

Lots to do here yet: getting ready to celebrate Christmas at my daughter' I have to buy a couple more things, wrap everything, bake 2 pumpkin rolls, cut up veggies. My tree still isn't up, cards are not mailed, and on and on................

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  1. I was wondering how one of those inversion boards would work as it stretches everything out.

  2. don't like my head below my heart.....major headache.